Holiday Parks "Good Solid Grounding" For New Young Entertainers

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So you want to become a singer. You dream of becoming a star after winning X Factor. Well, can I let you in on a little secret? Knowing how to sing is just the start.

You're going to need a burning passion to have any chance of singing success in this business.

Music can take over your life. I should know, it's been a passion of mine for over 30 years now. But it's a sad fact that not everyone has got what it takes to win X Factor. Not everyone can be a star.

Hey you just might have what i takes to be the next "Big Thing", but just in case you don't, lets check out some alternatives.

Lets explore one of the more "real life" options available for a female vocalist or a male vocalist in the music business.

HOLIDAY PARKS "A Good Grounding"

If you're new to all of this and thinking about a career in the music industry then Holday Parks are a great place to start.

Holiday parks in the Uk are big business at the moment and most of the larger run Parks have full production teams working for them. They get to do lots of performing live in some fantastic production shows and are good solid places to start if you want to get a feel of how the entertainments business works in the Uk.

If you've just left a performing arts college and you want to begin working straight away doing something you love then these are great places start.

These Production Shows will be professionally choreographed and the content is usually of an extremely high quality.

You will also get the chance to perform songs on your own. They quite often like to have a "pre-cab". This is when someone performs before the main touring cabaret act to warm everyone up and then introduces the main act.

This could be a 10 minute spot that you could build into a full half hour and is a great opportunity to learn your stagecraft. You could try various songs out to see which ones work the best and by the end of you season you could have your own act ready to go.

Be prepared for long hours as you will usually have to perform some day duties. Things like running game shows and quizzes or entertaining the children. But the main bonus of working on Holiday Parks is that you get to perform live in front of an audience in some kind of way virtually every night.

The length of season will vary from park to park, but most of the larger parks start from Easter and can go right up untill the end of October.

This may not be the exact direction you want to go in, but in the begining it sure beats stacking shelves or working on a cash till! And it can help you to get a good solid grounding.

Just getting out there in front of an audience will build your confidence and you can earn while you learn.


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