Holiday Hair Tips

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If you want gorgeous celebrity hair when go on holiday then read on as we have the best tips on how to maintain healthy hair even when your sunbathing and swimming.

Neil Moodie's tip for dry hair

If you're hair is already a little dry, before going on the beach put a 50p size amount of Creme De Coco on to your hair. Tie your hair into a ponytail or knot and let the sun do it's thing.

Beverly C's tip on coloured hair

It's very important to have your hair coloured before you go on holiday. Bearing in mind that your colour will fade a little, I would recommend having a stronger and richer colour.

Mark Hill's Tip on hair burn

Like skin, hair can easily burn in the sun. Get into the habit of using a protective SPF spray on a daily basis to defend the hair from damage and sun stress.

Kevin Murphy's Tip on frizzy hair

After sun bathing, if your hair is frizzy and coarse take a tiny bit of Motion Lotion and rub it through your hair, this will blend with the salt in the water and give you a bit of texture.

Beverly C's tip on heat

Heat causes havoc! Straight hair goes flat and lifeless, so apply a light serum applied to the ends of the hair only. Curly hair gets bigger and frizzier, so I would recommend using a curling balm.

Tigi's damage prevention tip

Ensure you are using a good comb to minimise damage. The TangleTeezer his a unique hair care tool that banishes tangles, it's brilliant for wet beach hair as it removes knots quickly and painlessly.

Neil Moodie's tip on sea salt hair

Sea water is always great for leaving to dry in the hair to get a beachy sexy texture in the evening. In the morning though, always rinse the sea water out and spray on some Prep spray.

Mark Hill's tip on beach hairstyles

Don't over complicate hairstyles. Plaits are one of this year's hottest trends. Best achieved on a smooth finish, first spray the hair with my Holiday Hair Anti Humidity Spray to lock out humidity.

Paul Mitchell's tip on beach party looks

If you're going to a beach party, then try bands, bobbles, clips, scarves, combs, slides and a whole lot more to make your hair look sassy and sexy.

Neil Moddie's tip on too much sun

If you're worried about the sun bleaching your hair lighter, then evenly distribute a small amount of Bumble And Bumble Leave in Rinse Out Conditioner through towel dried hair and braid it tight.

Tigi's tip on sun damage

The best way to undo summer damage is to boost moisture levels. Feed your hair with Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey Shampoo and conditoner!

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