Hitting a Moving Target

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Running a business today often requires a great deal of real and virtual motion. Mobility is becoming more important and a customer contact system which provides this must be a benefit. The 0845 numbers system does just that.

Many business people, particularly in small to medium sized firms, are actively involved in the day-to-day activities. If not actually carrying out the work of the firm, such as a plumber, architect or cook, the proprietor will need to be meeting potential clients or supervising work. They may not always be near the telephone when a new customer calls.

No business likes to miss potential new customers, so the 0845 numbers, connected to their company telephone can fill the gap. This system receives incoming calls on behalf of the company and diverts them to an answering facility. This may be an office connected to the firm or a call centre, whichever the business requires. Thus, the activity of the business goes on and the customer is still attended to.

It is also possible for the 0845 telephone numbers provider to link directly to the business person's mobile phone, if that is their requirement. The mobile needs to have the appropriate call divert facility to receive, of course.

Another form of "movement" which is vital to business is growth. Businesses need constant infusions of clients and the first contact is often made by telephone. The choice of the 0845 telephone numbers system opens up the firm to new customers in a number of ways.

Firstly, the 0845 numbers are recognised by most people as being used by businesses, often large businesses. There will be an increased confidence on the customer's part when using one.

Secondly, a 0845 number is non-geographical, so the caller could be from anywhere in the country. This is a proven way to widen the scope of a business and is particularly effective for the specialist, such as computer engineers or civil designers.

Thirdly, by using 0845 numbers, listing in directories is not limited to the firm's home area. The number, and the company, can be in every directory in the country. The callers are not affected, as they will simply pay the local call rate.

The latter factor can be very useful if the business is planning to extend its operations into a new area. If there is to be another branch of the firm or an additional operating centre, the 0845 telephone numbers already in use can serve the new establishments. There will be no requirement to change telephone contact at all.

External growth brings change in its wake, and it is more than likely that the current national telephone systems will need to be re-organised to accommodate this. If a business uses the 0845 numbers they will not have to change, unlike landlines.
Advertising, the life-blood of business growth, benefits directly from the 0845 numbers system. An advertising campaign can be launched in a number of areas or even nationally, with the same contact details. Also, because the calls come through a given system, checks can be made on the effectiveness of the advertising and the potential in any new area.

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