History of the Greeting Card

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History of the Greeting Card
The greeting card has a rich history that dates back over 500 years. They originally started out as simple pieces of papyrus paper and, were originally exchanged by Chinese and European cultures as a way of wishing someone good luck or good fortune. During that time each of the cards where hand delivered because letís face it there was no such thing as e-cards or e-greetings. They didnít even know what a post office was.
The greeting cards of yesteryear were very expensive unlike the cards of today. You can get a corporate card, birthday card, and even Christmas cards for just a small price. In 1840, the popularity of the greeting card really took off due to the introduction of the postage stamp. People where able to send Valentines cards, warm and happy birthday wishes and much more.
The oldest known greeting card dates back to 1400. Valentines cards came in the form of paper in Europe and were in exchange of gifts among the loved ones. The valentines became so popular that in 1800 they were beginning to be assembled within the factory settings.

You will never need a reason to send a greeting card but and, that is what makes it so perfect. There are hundreds of people that collect different cards of all types to send at special occasions. Others choose the faster form of the E-greeting or E-card where they can send warm thoughts in a matter of minutes.
One of the most recent advancements in the greeting card world is the talking greeting cards. These are a great way to tell someone you love them and are thinking of them. It will even be a great card for your boss or secretary in the form of the corporate card , which is gaining in popularity. Many businesses are using corporate cards sent via email to send less formal thank-you cards and Christmas cards to their employees and clients as a way to show appreciation and to improve business-to-business relationships.
As greetings evolved so did the design and methods of getting your message across. Talking e-cards are quickly becoming the new popular version of the tried and true greeting card. Today you can choose from beautifully designed birthday wishes, valentine cards, thank you cards and Christmas E-cards with eye popping or chic graphic designs or photography for your greetings.

Greeting cards have a rich and amazing history. What was once produced on papyrus paper has now become a multimillion-dollar business. No matter what the occasion may be, there is a greeting card for you. You can send a great E-card to someone you love across the miles and wish him or her warm thoughts. The proliferation of the Internet has made the world smaller and letting someone you care about or many to others instantly in the form of stylish E-cards and E-greetings is quickly gaining in popularity. You can send a birthday card to a loved one or friend to let them know you are thinking of them on your special day. Why not send a great greeting card for someone you care about in your own life.
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