History of Natural Indian attars

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Attar emanate from the Sanskrit word “sugandha”, natural fragrance oils educe from the botanical sources through hydro or steam distillation. The Harsha Vardhan City of India during Mughal period, well-known as Kannauj is the largest attar producing city in India also known as “Attar City”. The Mughal Queen “Noorjahna” was first to discover Indian natural attar, since then the origin of natural Indian attar started. Mughal’s were the first lovers of attar they uses the natural attar in their bath. India is famous for its natural attar which is known world-wide for its natural fragrance.

“Degs and Bhapka” is one of the oldest processes used to prepare natural perfume. These are made by the oils procured from the flowers, herbs, spice and barks of the plants. Natural attars are 100% alcohol free that gives the pure and natural smell of Nature. Sandalwood oil is use as base oil in the preparation of Attars. Rose attar is one of the most common natural Indian attar with pleasant floral fragrance; Jasmine attar is elegant attar of India which is used worldwide for the cosmetics and other uses as well.

One of the famous Natural attar is Agar wood which is also called as oud attar which is used worldwide by the people as the personal use as well as the use in the raw materials .Muslim community people use oud attar by the diffusers into their living place for the pleasant smell .The Natures Natural Indian attar is one of the most precious gift to India. The history of the Natural Indian Attar lies at Uttar Pradesh one of the most admiring state of India from where Indian attar fulfills the requirements of the people all around the globe.

Some of the Commonly used Natural Indian Attars
Jasmine Attar
Champa Attar
Mitti Attar
Oud orAgarwood Attar
Mogra Attar etc

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Abhinav Singh Solanki - natural essential oils and pure essential oils - I am a distiller of essential oils, absolutes and attars. I have several years experience on distillation, customized perfumery etc. I am specialize in rare, handmade Indian Attars.

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