History of image retouching and color correction

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Images are not only pictures but are fossilized moments. Thus, the history of image retouching and color correction dates back to the same era as that of evolution of human imaginary faculty. Though, digital image retouching and color correction are the latest addition to the art of photography, but, the urge to imbibe perfection is an ancient one. Image editing is now common in various media like advertising, print magazines, newspapers and web media too. Several professionals have now started using advanced techniques to improvise on the existing ways to do image retouching or even simple color corrections.

Image retouching is one umbrella term that includes all the different methods and techniques used to procreate enhanced copies of a given image. It is the fruit of digital photo technology that enables image correction to be as beautiful as human imagination. In other terms, the entire process of photo editing can be visualized as elevated staircase. The first step starts with a snap, followed by feeding the image into computer and a series of digital correction methods that finally create a perfect image. Graphic software plays a very important role during the entire process.

Some of the well known digital procedures are Photoshop Clipping Path, clipping path and drop shadow, Photoshop retouching, raster to vector conversion, Photoshop image masking, image manipulation, clipping path and mirror image, resizing etc. If the Photoshop clipping path is used to alter the background, mirror image adds a reflection shadow to the image. The Drop shadow is used to induce a shadow to the image and masking does the job of changing the back ground for images that finer aspects. Retouching is used to remove all that looks ugly and image manipulation is the key behind using different parts of an image separately. The other techniques like raster to vector conversion is improve resolution of the pictures. Resizing is used for angular correction of the images.
Further perfection is attained through color correction. The task can be as easy as simple darkening and brightening of the images to complex tasks like color channel mixing and while balancing. All this and more is achieved by expert use of Pen Tool. These are just the few ways any image can be made more beautiful and relevant. The primary goal of enhancement is to improve of the quality of the image. All these services can now be accessed online and are quite cost effective. A client may be sitting in one part of the world and using the photo clipping path from another part of the world.

The world has seen a photo revolution in recent times. A number of competent photo labs have come up in various parts of the world. One can easily outsource the work to them but only after being convinced about the quality of work. Apart from that there should be clear payment terms and authenticity. There are such firms who are happy to collect payments only after the customer is satisfied with the image reconstruction.

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