Hindi News Shining with Bollywood and Cricket

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Bollywood and Cricket are more conspicuous to Indians than any other thing tagged entertainment. In fact these two are the source of whole sole entertainment in the routines of Indians. Hindi Bollywood News and Cricket News in Hindi have more receivers to their credit than what people may think of any other topic. Ninety nine percent of entertainment is achieved by them. One can hardly believe to be living a social life if not impacted by Bollywood and Cricket together and alone. Hindi news is all about Cricket when events like World Cup and IPL are on full swing. If any cricketer turns into actor it makes headlines of Hindi Bollywood news. Even with two different attributes they are often mingled in one way or other to augment the enthusiasm and participation of public.

Bollywood with its glamour and shine is always felt like dream. Sheer grandeur of Studios, expensive locations and shoot, star cast and buzz around them has always been in centre of Hindi Bollywood News. Magazines are in constant search of what best could be offered to readers that is not already in the market. Reporters and film journalists are always there to capture page 3 parties to offer night life of those who are into film Industry but not much in limelight. Such events give chance of somewhat new accounts that may go unrecorded. Now days even Hindi News channels have taken into keeping track of such events.

Cricket is not much of a different story than that of Bollywood. Cricket stars are worshipped like anything. Consistent performance can raise them to a stature that they become known and remembered for eternity in India. Cricket news in Hindi tells the story of making of a star in this sport. The story is driven by background and performance basically but inspiring enough to set in minds of Cricket fans. Then comes the dazzle brought by big brands of sports accessories and soft drinks primarily. Cricket stars are paid to act in their ads and promote their product emphasizing the reach of cricket.

The way things are it is easy enough to understand why Bollywood and Cricket entrance Indians. Hindi Bollywood News and Cricket news in Hindi is nothing but telltale of the current scenario of entertainment industry in India. The prevalence can easily seen in Hindi News that is enough to give an impression of Indians being crazed but there are certain things to which everybody has a tendency to incline. We are not much different.

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