Himfr.com reports To meet the demand of panel youda changes its strategy to a total yield in energy

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Taiwan is a panel of bibcock with America, China mainland market strong LCD TV and notebook computers, the demand of panel next quarter when plan to cut during the off-season, but has now been in full in energy. DisplaySearch vice President XieQinYi think, panel will advance tight supplies, favorable price panel next year the ascending panel.

Demand that magicstor, operator panels of two generations, the capacity of 7.5 has been almost 42 inch LCD TV panel package under, more show great size LCD TV, the demand in euramerican market at the end of the season, mainland China effect of television brand factory for the lunar New Year in February, continued to demand a strange beauty and purchasing power, but also a great push to the full.

Friend of 25 for next year, said the company business prospects and the first production status, will be published in the fourth quarter, when no explaination. In the third quarter sessions magicstor, original fourth-quarter capacity utilization is 90%. The personage inside course of study expresses, in the first quarter of next season to cope with the demand of the original may decline, cut to 5% to 10%. But last week has fixed magicstor, in the first quarter of next year for five new generation capacity building more fully. As the TV's electric capacity is loaded, panel is expected to continue to the next boom is in the first quarter.

According to DisplaySearch vice President XieQinYi estimates from the second quarter, the next year, the panel will be out of stock. Once in the first quarter of next year, a full season, while still in production next year will present a panel of state, and tight supply price rise early, face the next annual profit ascending panel. TV, LCD TV panel said today really, notebook computer panel type in the first quarter of next year also needs only minor declines, than in the past season too good effect, we can say that only LCD monitor panels demand is weak.

DisplaySearch mainland market research director zhang said the lunar New Year, China's most popular annual sales is the season of the year, usually because of the high proportion of 15%, mainland festival home must take something, LCD TV is the key products purchasing next year, the Chinese lunar New Year sales are expected to sell 300 to 400 million units, will drive a large increase in Taiwan panel shipment.

In Europe, LCD TV market under the xuan Vizio before Thanksgiving week sales, pull out the sales figures, 8.6 million in a single week delivery record.

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