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A good pipe, not only should have a good economy, but also should have a stable and reliable interface, material impact, anti-cracking, anti-aging, corrosion resistance and a series of advantages in comparison with the traditional pipe, HDPE pipe system has the following one series of advantages:

⑴ Connection reliability: polyethylene pipe system connected between the use of electric hot-melt, the joint strength is higher than pipe body strength.

⑵ good low temperature impact resistance: low-temperature brittleness of polyethylene low temperature can be within a temperature range of -60-60 ℃ safe to use. Construction in winter, because of materials, impact resistance is good, does not occur tube embrittlement.

⑶ good stress cracking resistance: HDPE has a low gap sensitivity, high shear strength and excellent anti-scratch capabilities, resistance to environmental stress cracking performance is also very prominent.

⑷ good resistance to chemical corrosion: HDPE pipe can be resistant to a variety of chemical media, corrosion, chemical substances that exist in the soil will not cause any degradation of the pipeline. Polyethylene is the electrical insulator, it will not happen rot, rust or electrochemical corrosion phenomenon; In addition, it will not promote algae, bacteria or fungal growth.

⑸ anti-aging, long life: containing 2-2.5% of the uniform distribution of carbon black in polyethylene pipe can be outdoor storage or use of 50 years, will not be subjected to ultraviolet radiation damage.

⑹ abrasion resistance: HDPE Pipe and comparison tests showed the wear resistance of steel pipe, HDPE pipe 4 times the wear resistance of steel pipe. In the mud transportation field, as compared with the steel pipe, HDPE pipe has better wear resistance, which means that HDPE pipe has a longer life and better economy.

Flexible ⑺ Good: HDPE pipe flexible makes it easy to bend, works by changing the pipes can be a way to bypass the obstacles towards, and in many occasions, the flexible pipe fittings to reduce consumption and lower installation costs.

⑻ flow resistance: HDPE pipe has a smooth inner surface, the Manning coefficient of 0.009. The performance smooth and non-adhesion properties ensure the HDPE pipe has a higher than traditional pipe transmission capacity, but also reduce the pipeline pressure loss and water consumption.

⑼ handling easy: HDPE pipe than concrete pipes, galvanized pipe and steel pipe lighter, it is easy handling and installation, lower personnel and equipment requirements, means that construction costs for the installation of the greatly reduced.

⑽ a variety of new construction methods: HDPE pipe with a variety of construction technology, in addition to the traditional way of construction of the excavation, but also can use a variety of new non-excavation technologies such as pipe jacking, directional drilling, lining pipes, crack pipes, etc. for the construction, which some places do not allow excavation, is the only option, so a wider range HDPE pipe applications.

1, softness: Because PE-RT is more soft. Therefore, during the construction does not require special tools, so construction costs are relatively low. 2, thermal conductivity: for floor heating pipe need to have good thermal conductivity. PE-RT a good thermal conductivity, its thermal conductivity coefficient of PP-R, PP-B pipe twice. Very suitable for the use of floor heating. 3. High temperature resistance: PE-RT temperature can reach 90 ℃, and the PEX can only reach 65 ℃. 4, low-temperature heat-shock of: PE - RT resistance to low temperature impact performance is better. Construction in winter when the pipes broke down less susceptible to shocks, increasing the flexibility of the implementation arrangements. 5, environmental protection: PE-RT, and PP-R can be recycled and not pollute the environment. The PEX can not be recycled will produce secondary pollution; 6, processing performance, stability: PEX cross-linked control exists and the crosslinking degree of uniformity and other issues, processing complexity and processing performance of a direct impact on pipe.

The PE-RT, and PP-R process is simple, pipe performance is basically determined by the raw materials, the performance stable. PE-RT was Polyethylene Raised Temperature short, it is by the ethylene monomer and 1 - octene copolymer made of monomers is a heating system designed specifically for medium-density ethylene - octene copolymer, which has a narrow molecular weight distribution , octene evenly distributed in the polymer main chain on the special molecular structure, both retain the original PE performance and processing performance of health advantages, but also to strengthen a new type of high-temperature durability Pipe Compound. With the raw materials are mainly used in the construction of the pipe inside the hot water / heating pipe area, its durability and the life of the building the same as the minimum up to 50 years, but also has a good recovery of added value is very high.

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