Himfr.com Reports Ministers interpret strategies for 2010 rural work

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The Central Rural Work Conference closed on December 28, 2009 marking a comprehensive deployment of the agricultural and rural work for 2010. Xinhua News Agency reporters interviewed relevant responsible persons of ministries for interpretation of the meeting.

Director of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) Zhang Ping expressed that it is necessary to strengthen guidance of government funds and improve the integrated carrying capacity of townships. NDRC will work together with relevant departments to actively promote policies to let the migrant workers settle down in towns and cities.

Finance Minister Xie Xuren said that next year China will continue to increase investment in "three rural" issues, increasing the size of agriculture-related subsidies, improving agricultural subsidies and price support policies to increase farmers' incomes. In addition, China will further improve and perfect a variety of policies to stimulate consumption to better satisfy different levels of consumption needs in rural areas.

Agriculture Minister Han Changfu said, in 2010, the state will launch a comprehensive national program to build an additional 100 billion kilograms of grain production capacity, and continuously improve the overall grain production capacity.

Minister of Water Resources Chen Lei said in promoting the state's grain production capacity, strengthening water conservancy construction is one of the ways with most potential. Large-scale irrigation and large pumping station projects are expected to finish basic construction by the end of March 2010, and start generating an income during spring irrigation the next year.

Minister of the State Forestry Administration Jia Zhibang said China will strengthen policy support and consolidate the reform results. China is to strengthen forest rights management, and to provide efficient and convenient services for farmers.

The Ministry of Commerce official said that in 2010 the Ministry of Commerce will improve the agricultural information service system to guide production and operation, stabilizing market supply and demand, and strengthening market regulation and emergency response capability. It will also enhance authority of published market information.

Human Resources and Social Security Minister Yin Weimin said that in 2010, they will continue to vigorously implement special vocational training programs. They will make migrant workers' job skills upgrading training, work preparation training and entrepreneurship training the priorities.

State Grid Corporation Deputy General Manager Zheng Baosen said, in 2010, the State Grid will deploy in accordance with national planning, making scientific planning of rural power grids reform programs, improve the power supply capacity of rural power grids and rural consumption level.

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