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Recently, with LG Display, Samsung Electronics, the two giants in China, investment in high-generation LCD panel plant planned "exposure," sparked a lot of controversy in South Korea. In response, South Korean Knowledge Economy Ministry official said: "To seize the world's largest television markets - mainland China, it is inevitable. However, the core technology LCD panel is likely to go abroad."

Is only an excuse

The Chinese mainland market for Sharp, AU Optronics, Chi Mei, BOE panel giants such as the high-generation lines are being staged investment contest, the two giants to express different opinions, said: "Any further delay the timing, then the market share will be Japan and China Taiwan enterprises to seize. "

However, according to South Korean media reported that within the relevant government agencies in South Korea to hold those who view the above officials and a minority. The relevant government officials on the two companies enter the China market, regarding the position panel, said: "Basically, they will protect free enterprise and economic activity, but the outflow of core technologies is indeed worrying."

In accordance with legal provisions related to Korea, Korean enterprises to invest abroad LCD, semiconductor and other advanced technology-related factories, must be approved by the Government. However, indications that the core technology concerned that the outflow may be just a beautiful excuse for hope that the two giants in China to expand investment and job creation are some government officials of "deliberate."

It is reported that two South Korean companies in China to master to build LCD panel plant to vote final approval of the right of the prime minister's office, still in the Sejong City, the controversy over the planning amendments and whirlpools. The solution will be related to the direction of King Sejong City Planning from the administrative capital, transformation, educational, industrial, and research functions as one of the comprehensive amendments to the controversy over the city, apparently the two giant investment projects than the more difficult. In addressing the priorities of the two controversial issues will be taken against the two giant investment projects to shelve the delay measures, will continue to be a worrying thing. The "worried about the core technology drain" is undoubtedly the "assessment of the question on the" best of the shield.

It is understood that with South Korea's attitude is different from the Chinese Government to formulate land use, the size of the plant up to 20 trillion won in breaking the rules to support policies to attract China, Korea and China Taiwan area LCD invest and build factories. From mainland China in June this year, eight large LCD color TV executives formed purchasing groups to Taiwan, and triggered a Haier hand cooperation with AU Optronics LCD panels, and so a series of Chinese investment in high-generation line of hot competition events. Meanwhile, the Chinese government also said that they would import tariffs on TV with LCD panels from the current 3% to 5%, and in the right panel of domestic policy support, tax concessions for their support.

End of the year announced

For these reasons, LG Display CEO Kwon Young-soo many times during a recent media interview, said: "If we do not accelerate the pace of investment, China's television market will eventually be occupied by foreign rivals." Recently, South Korea's Choi Kyung-hwan, Minister of Knowledge Economy by Samsung , LG and other enterprises to participate in the forum, said: "Although the rapid growth of China to seize the television market is the trend, but inevitably there is an oversupply of domestic investment falling, the country outflow of core technologies such as anxiety. We will expand domestic investment and a comprehensive assessment of the core technology protection implications, and then decide whether to approve. "

Although the South Korean government has introduced a variety of supportive policies, but the South Korean companies are still reluctant to expand domestic investment, while overseas markets to expand investment and favor for me. In the government called for large enterprises to expand domestic investment, job creation against the backdrop of so-called core technology to protect a natural to become big business in South Korea in front of an obstacle to foreign investment.

South Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy Another official said: "At present, China is no LCD panel production technology, if technology into China, then China's television production company's competitiveness will increase rapidly. As a result, is currently South Korea's main export products of the liquid crystal TV's overseas competitiveness is likely to hit hard. "

However, in the Sharp Kameyama six-generation line will be sold to Nanjing Panda Power, the first 8th generation LCD panel investment and technology transfer is to promote bilateral co-operation also become the main conditions attached. In fact, the South Korean LCD panel core technology drain The prerequisite no longer exists.

It is reported that South Korea's industrial technology to protect the Committee will be held in December at the earliest to consider whether to approve the two giant investment programs. Prior to this, you must first be subjected to the persons concerned by the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy composed of South Korea Industrial Technology Protection Practice Committee, before it can be submitted by the Prime Minister as chairman of the Industrial Science and Technology Protection Committee the final decision. However, the South Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy ambiguous attitude of the officials concerned, or give Samsung Electronics, LG Display's investment in China of high-generation panel production line plans to bring some variables.
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