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Environment, energy, education, electronic information and exchange - all will be highlights in Heilongjiang in the years to come, part of what the local government describes as the "5E mode of development".

A province still boasting one of the best ecologies in China, Heilongjiang sees it a top priority to develop an environmentally friendly economy.

When it released plans for revitalization of northeast China in August 2007, the central government said Heilongjiang's role is the key ecological shelter of the nation.

To fulfill that function, the province is now promoting responsible manufacturing and services.

A traditional industrial base in China, Heilongjiang is labeling its manufacturing industry with 3Rs - reduce, reuse and recycle. The reduction, reuse and recycling of production materials will not only reduce pollution but also lead to better economic efficiency with saving of resources.

The service industry, especially tourism, is also required to have strict environmental standards. In the tourism sector, the number of tourists should be controlled to protect the environment. In addition, educational measures should be in place to raise the environmental awareness among tourists.

Renowned for rich petroleum and coal resources, Heilongjiang will continue to strengthen its energy industry.

Sustainability is the keyword for Heilongjiang's energy industry development. Learning from the lessons of the global energy crisis, this largest

petroleum production province in China is expected to highlight the economical use of energy resources and the development of alternative energies like wind power and biomass fuel.

With respect to education, Heilongjiang now ranks the sixth among all the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. The province is strengthening efforts to maintain its advantages in education, aiming to create a better condition for its residents' career development and offer a stronger human resources support for the local businesses.

With the rapid development of the electronic information technologies, Heilongjiang is now implementing large-scale campaigns for the establishment of e-commerce, e-government, e-society and e-campuses. Such initiatives will eventually lead to the substantial improvement in government efficiency and transparency and help create a better living and business environment.

In addition, Heilongjiang will enhance economic and cultural exchanges with the world, aiming to make Heilongjiang better known to the tourists and businesspeople throughout the globe.

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