Himfr.com Reports Energy-saving intelligent phone focus on power management

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Analysis from Himfr.com reported that for intelligent phones , power programme is not only used to conduct an efficient regulator, but also used to gradually take account of the phone system-wide energy management issues. Lithium-ion battery technology is still insufficient to meet the growing of energy demand. Therefore, in order to make the intelligent phones running more time, the introduction of a revolutionary power management technology has been imminent.
Analyst from Himfr.com said regulators, post regulator and other emerging power management technology can provide a practical, compact and easy-to-use solutions that providing new engines for the intelligent phones.
Regulator is used to converted the battery voltage to a stable DC voltage, this part of the energy consumed is mainly produced from the conversion efficiency. The commonly regulators devices are LDO and DC / DC, LDO is characterized by small ripple of output power, but their efficiency is relatively low; DC / DC is characterized by high efficiency and output current, but also a ripple, stability Pressure device manufacturers to meet the design requirements. In fact, in practical application, a common structure is DC / DC input side linking to the battery, this will be got a higher conversion efficiency, LDO input side linking to the DC / DC, this will be got a small ripple power, which is a good structure for improving conversion efficiency. Phone cell chip makers and PMU manufacturers also note the design requirements and introducing them to their work.
At present, A linear regulator programme is commonly used to upgrade the power management. But it is costly. Another alternative is to post-regulator. The principle is to use a DC / DC converters to generate a power rail, the power rail can be used as a low voltage input used in the linear regulator input. To do so, its effect on the equivalent of two inductor switch. Post-regulator can save about 40 percent of board space, and by reducing the amount of external components, reduced costs.
Analyst from Himfr.com also suggests that users can also participate in the phone's power management. Such as intelligent phones, users should shut down some process which not in use after a period of use time. In addition, make the phones in sleep mode when not used. Connecting the phone to the computer USB can also prolong the battery life of phones.

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