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In one bath and leisure for the modern life, health ceramic occupy a very important position. Sanitary ceramics covers the ceramics, the metal TongHuo, components, tile, pipeline, pipe, etc. Product category involving multiple categories is where the main characteristics of the industry. In recent years, China's export situation more sanitary ceramics export performance, more storeys, which caused the people's attention more.

As long as you can keep current health ceramics export of strong power, China will become health ceramics exporters in the process and gradually become wei manufacturing and exporting powers, also will come soon. Only in a bath of export growth, can predict this trend. China's industrial competence of rapid development, promote the domestic sanitary industry is now forming huge capacity, and is now can't depend entirely on the domestic market sale this single channel, it can release the pressure of development. Therefore, Chinese sanitary products export expansion industry, efforts to upgrade the export quantity and quality, and is still the first choice for the future. This choice is correct, we must have enough knowledge, and problems in advance to pay special attention.

A, health ceramic export in sanitary ceramics has become an important development strategy, whether in the development of export business, meet what difficulty and problems, must have enough, can not produce any shake. Anyhow, we in the international market on the hard work won, should gradually expand, and should not have not shrink. In a sense, sanitary ceramics export strategy is about future health ceramics industry directly to the survival and development of life and death. We should pay more attention to the products than ever, for export, must make timely analysis and resolution. Currently in health ceramic export in several problems, including for export of initial stage of understanding question, how to change the exit strategy, and improving the structure of export products etc to cause high attention.
Second, in recent years, domestic health ceramic export, adopted a strategy of low quality. The main manifestation of the existing enterprise, using existing health ceramics are exported directly, profit after promoting development, this was no exception. But on the other hand because of serious problems exist in quick, affect the healthy development of the sanitary ceramics export. Like many domestic enterprises in the same products in the same country export price, caused by the anti-dumping, a bad influence. So should improve the grade of export products and sanitary quality, with a new attitude to promote health ceramics export performance, it is the key to solve the problems, must pay close attention.

Third, the current domestic sanitary ceramics, ceramic enterprises should establish innovative export oriented system of management thought, as the optimum combination of factors of production and export products structure optimization of the bath. Specific content includes must be realized as soon as possible health ceramic design and production methods of optimization innovation. Ceramic sanitary ware enterprise must rely on extension from the past, to reproduce incremental change to the innovation of management system, the experience is progressively establish new product development system, will export health ceramic connotation from the imitation gradually to have their intellectual property rights and new product patent, etc. To strengthen update export products of cultural connotation expanded reproduction and rapid way into high quality, high output, low cost of modern production mode. To use modern management to replace traditional management method, must make an enterprise to manufacture management activity on scientific basis. Before coming into vulgar "business" intensive "business", gradually will defend bath export business to introduce new defence.
Four, how to promote health ceramic export in service quality problems as soon as possible, to complete the product to product development trend of high thought transformation. Actively promote ceramics, casting, metal processing, coating technology and equipment renewal system products. In the development of export products, new bath sanitary ceramics export to low level and repeat technology products to a minimum, depending on the product structure adjustment and innovation, optimizing the sanitary ceramics industry structure of export products. With the export business of health ceramics, foreign export gradually developing country should also be expanded and expanded and expanded more other coverage, do big exporters sanitary industry export cake. On the other hand, will soon realized export product structure adjustment and optimization, export health subdivide refined ceramics by international professional production and operation mode, access to the best economic effect. Domestic sanitary industry should have ambition and ambition, have courage to quality products will be more developed countries to export to Europe for the target, active and sanitary export developed a female strove for supremacy. In the duel of improving their own survival and development ability.
Five, health ceramic export to add new brilliance. At present domestic ceramic export many health problems is that few can enter the international high-end market. One important reason is the technology export products with low content of technology, so difficult for western countries is acceptable to captious consumer, Second is the lack of awareness of export products, own brands, and more high-end market more emphasizes consumer product brand, because they would not buy the product unknown. Therefore, Chinese sanitary products to meet the international export market demand, the need to modify the previous management mode of thinking, and read miles export business mode gradually innovation, improve product quality, strengthen the export market development and in the international market for Chinese ceramics by larger development space. These problems should undoubtedly be become domestic sanitary products export performance in advance mainly to solve the problems. Can say with full confidence in the future of China's export, sanitary will remain: you've got a great view.

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