Himfr.com reports China exported shoes in European Union greet a favourable turn

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Eu anti-dumping advisory committee on each member representatives recently China leather case will discuss sunset review and vote, 15 (extended) over half against anti-dumping measures. The European Union next January the final decision. Chinese believe that most member asks to terminate the eu anti-dumping measures reflect insight for free trade and against protectionism.

Exports in the transfer

"Made in China and Vietnam to eu anti-dumping duties on leather shoes by 15 months, the plan has been the most countries. This trade officials rejected to China shoe enterprises to cancel the anti-dumping is a good news, anti-dumping duties may be canceled." When the reporter called Chinese leather shoes association, director of the office of WeiYaFei telephone, she excitedly told reporters, this means that the proposal has been rejected, fighting for nearly 3 years of Chinese leather shoes export enterprises have foundemental victory.

"It is the commission on members of a preliminary opinions, the final award is not consult the vote, but the ruling on the commission will eventually vital influence. The commission will be held in December of trade ministers meeting in a bill to make final decision, the result will be ruling in January next year started. WeiYaFei further added.

Ou guest to buy expensive shoe

According to understand, since October 2006, the commission started to China and Vietnam produce leather uppers and 10% respectively, collecting the anti-dumping duties. Anti-dumping duties levied on China for three years, the industry has very adverse effects. From the Chinese leather industry association, the latest statistics show that the anti-dumping champions face in China lost 20 percent reduction in production shoes. Due to export to eu reduced about 40 million pairs of shoes, that a Chinese about 20,000 workers losing their jobs. President wang zhentao aokang group, told reporters in anti-dumping previously aokang group to 20% of the shoe export growth, not only anti-dumping after-tax instead of exports are reduced by 10%.

The eu aokang now export average price has more than 20 shoes, the price is more than $export Brazil, so nonexistent anti-dumping.

"The previous decision only makes the sino-eu trade relations between the two countries, which further deterioration of enterprise development and the eu consumer interests and European consumers are not liable to average double from China and Vietnam's shoes price of $225, hope to cancel the anti-dumping, bilateral trade fair in the environment development." Wang zhentao said.

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