Himfr.com reports Acer chairman WangZhenTang: PC industry dead-end statement is wrong

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On November 24, acer, chairman and chief executive WangZhenTang, global President jiang, can lead to strange YiRenSi China gm acer led Chinese executives collective appearance, announced that acer from 2010 in the Chinese market, all coming 18-24 months, acer China market share to the notebook computer by current ended up to the third.

Shortly after, acer formal beyond dell, personal computers worldwide market, and HP ranked second only one step away. WangZhenTang says: PC industry has no future statement is wrong, industry speak for 20 years until now the curtain 3C confluence, this will make the PC this $200 billion market expansion to at least $400 billion. His ambition to say, even in 2010, laptop, acer likely surpass HP.

But the most robust growth in the Chinese market, acer performance is not outstanding. WangZhenTang first to prove acer in China has no future statement is wrong.

WangZhenTang reflection, acer in Chinese products and not very conforms to China's market in marketing, nor a complete and sustainable development plan and system. But all this will become the past, the Chinese market has already become the strategic key acer. Jiang said: strange, but from 2010, Acer in Chinese market will formally implement the brand strategy, to increase more than two brands Acer Gateway and the support. Acer in Shanghai and Beijing will be established r&d center, dedicated to mobile solutions and intelligent mobile technology development, for the products suitable for China custom-made2. At the same time, acer in three level will increase urban and rural markets, a second-tier cities; the number of distributors and establish more levels of sales channels.

"To win in China, we need to have two kinds of attitude, two kinds of skills, dedication and commitment. Acer China YiRenSi datakeeping, acer headquarters will give China market more investment and practical support. By 2010, China will launch acer specially designed for the Chinese market of products, including desktop and notebook, Internet and smart phones.

Acer onslaught of China, first is behind the signal of the marketing strategy "correction".

In the channel, acer trying to reform, adopting a grid to promote the expansion in the store. According to understand, acer currently has China into 25 grid, each grid priority, complexity and user consumption habits are similar in mesh further increases in stores density. In practice, emphasize on gradual has launched in east China grid, promote the development of medium-sized city next focus of grid, then in haikou city formed some of the regional grid. In addition, acer has launched a new program to distributor cooperation.

At the same time, China's commitment to improving consumer acer stores experience and satisfaction. "By 2010, we will build 600 stations, customer service hotline at less than 30 seconds to wait, and 85% of maintenance can be solved by calling a hotline. We will take an average maintenance cycle control, more than 10 days in 2.5 days of less than 1% in case control maintenance." YiRenSi said.

Brand is important, as the attack by 2010, vancouver and London 2012 Olympic sponsor, acer is trying to play a game of the brand. "Besides sponsorship budget, we also prepared with the marketing budget about sponsorship budget to promote", WangZhenTang said. After the Spring Festival in 2010, acer in China before the launch all brand publicity activities as, through television, radio, and network and ping-borne bus, billboards, various forms of consumer brands with ascension. At present, acer has become China's delegation of Olympic sponsors.

For earlier acer tried to m&a Toshiba, WangZhenTang notebook in admitting "are not sure to report the case" at the same time, emphasize certain acer development in poor countries and regions, "we still keep an open attitude".

In China's face more brand strategy, acer, establishes a new team formed two independent teams. On November 5, joining HP Acer lightning Chinese vice President for the channel such as Acer brand construction work, Acer, former vice President of China national sales director of China YingMai Gateway is responsible for ZhuYongHao responsible.

"YiRenSi seven months in China, general manager, I call him" - "." WangZhenTang a proverb: "YiRenSi still have room to improve, I hope he got in China as soon as possible, to get the notebook computer double-digit market share, and then we will introduce more active plan."

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