Himfr.com analyzes 1 - October 2009 toy exports of fujian

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China's investment network (fuzhou customs statistics show that January - October, fujian toy exports amounted to $120 million, than last year the corresponding period grows 18.5 percent.

According to the fuzhou customs, since June this year, fujian toy exports for five months, with a two-digit increase by June of export scale climbed to $1364 month in September, and set the 1908 million dollar monthly export since 2008. In October, although falling exports scale but remained high growth, monthly export 1444 million us dollars, up by 24.8% growth.

In addition, the general situation in export processing trade. The first 10 months of fujian province, export trade in general toys 6995 million us dollars, growth period, fujian 22.5 toy exports 60.3%. By means of processing trade, export 4323 million us dollars, growth, 37.3% (13.1%).

Foreign investment enterprise exports deodorants, private enterprise exports rapid gains. The first 10 months of enterprises with foreign investment and exports of toys in fujian province 5837 million us dollars, 5.5% of fujian province, increase total export of toys start ontimeand 50.3, Private enterprises to export 4210 million us dollars, accounting for 36.3%of, 2007.

The eu, Japan and the United States as the main export destination. The first 10 months of European exports of toys, fujian 3482 million us dollars, growth 15.1%, Exports to the us $24.6m 40.9% growth, Japan exports to 2082 million us dollars, increase water. The total export market for 3 months period of fujian toy exports by.

Fuzhou customs authorities analysis, the global financial crisis, Europe and Japan etc. Mainly export destination for fujian toys toys, greatly reduced order local general inventory decline toys. With the current market confidence restored, the European Union, the United States and Japan's toy market gradually, the annual June until October toys WanJuShang increase sales blitz, traditional purchasing to offset inventory, thus stimulating recent fujian toy exports were obviously improved.

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