High Tech DISH Network Receivers – how are these helpful

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DISH Network receivers are ultra modern devices that have helped to enhance the satellite experience. If you have any of DISH Network HD receivers or DISH Network DVR receivers, then you will know how these make a difference in enjoying satellite TV programming. So, why wait anymore? Get one of DISH Network receivers and take your DISH Network satellite TV enjoyment to next level.

Those DISH Network consumers who have DISH Network receivers know the way these impact our daily dose of entertainment, others who don’t have it, immediately get one and enjoy the difference. However, before you pick any of the DISH Network HD receivers, you should be aware, how these would be helpful to you.

Let’s begin with the only one in the category, the sole ViP 922 SlingLoaded HD DVR receiver. You will jump in excitement to know that it is the only sling loaded DVR Receiver in the world! You have already heard about it, right! But do you have any idea how it functions and what are its different features? Well, this unique DISH Network HD receiver has created a huge buzz among Americans nationwide for its special Sling-enabled technology, which allows you to carry your TV anywhere! You’ve guessed that right! You can comfortably watch all your TV programming wherever you are, on your PC, laptop or mobile device.

Besides, the DVR helps you to record of about a thousand hours of programming on its 1 TB hard drive, which is the highest storage capacity offered by any DVR in the industry! Truly, this is high tech equipment brought by DISH Network for its consumers. You not just enjoy TV but enjoy watching while on a beach, plane, in office, or anywhere under the sun! However, you require high-speed internet connection or 3G data plan to enjoy the same.

Then there is DuoDVR ViP 722k, a finest HD DVR DISH Network receiver, which connects to two TVs, one HD and another SD. You can enjoy satellite TV programming independently on TVs, or watch one show and record the other program on DVR in another room. You can pause-play-record with HD DVR. It is also equipped with PIP feature, which is picture-in-picture that enables you to watch 2 things on a single screen! Amazing right? With this DISH Network HD DVR receiver, you would require Sling Adapter to watch your home DISH satellite TV while away!

The DuoViP 222k DISH Network receiver enables you to enjoy programming on two TVs – HD and SD. However, this is not a DVR! On the other hand, Solo DVR ViP 612 is meant for finest single HDTV. You can enjoy both high definition programming as well enjoy features of DVR as well. With Solo ViP 211k, you are just able to enjoy HD programming on single TV.

The DuoDVR 625 is a standard definition (SD) DISH Network receiver meant for 2 TVs (SD). You can watch TV in two rooms independently as well as record shows on 250GB hard drive. Whereas SoloDVR 512 will enable you to watch single SDTV! It is a dual tuner DVR with which you can watch pre-recorded shows and record 2 programs at the same or view one and record another show at the same time.

DISH Network receivers have certainly brought quality entertainment for DISH TV viewers. So, just get DISH Network HD receivers and enjoy satellite TV at its best.

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