High Gas Prices, why isnít Iraq or Afghanistan helping us?

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Americans have been shedding their blood over in Iraq and Afghanistan for nearlyten years. Yet, while we spend billions of dollars to protect them, we get nothing inreturn. A country like Iraq that, according to the United States Energy Information Administration, has over 112 billion barrel of oil and 100 trillion cubic feet of natural
gas that is just sitting there.

Afghanistan, where oil exploration has been at a minimum, from one drilling site, it is estimated around 2 billion barrels. Yet the United States are still forcing us to buy gas from Saudi Arabia at their outrageous prices.

America Wake Up! This does not make any sense! Why do we continue to give our money and blood to two countries that is loaded with oil and they just sit on it why we suffer. I ask you, who is the fool here. If you do not know then let me tell you, we are!

What is wrong with this country, we are always giving to other countries and never get back anything in return, and then we wonder why we are broke! Wake Up, it is time for the American people to wake up and put a change to the old saying that it is better to give than to receive, when we are doing all the giving and not receiving anything in return!

Wake Up America, how many times are we going to allow these oil companies to control us? How long are we going to allow these big rich outrageous profit-making companies enslave us because they know we need gas? Oil should be considered a national security in this country cause no one of us can do without it.

We use it in our cars, to heat our home and much more. We cannot expect for Congress to do anything about it because we all know that they got their hands deeper in the pockets of the oil lobbyist than the depth of the oil wells themselves. The only way that we can keep prices stable and keep our economy stable is for our government to have a National Oil Company. A government controlled oil company that will allow for us to insure that the price of oil is competitive and sold at a fair market price.

Isnít it funny how when the price of oil goes up, it all goes up at the same time no matter if it Shell, Exxon, Chevron, or a no-brand name station. It is a Monopoly that needs to be broken up. The only way that this can be done is for the United States to have a National Oil Company. Especially now with the economy being down due to corruption in the housing market and ponzi schemes on wall street. Now, they are trying to make us pay over $3.00 for gas, wake up America!

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