High efficiency DC Fans manufactured by YSTechUSA

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Broadly speaking, thee are three types of fans available in the market for your electronic equipments and automobiles- AC fans, Muffin Fans and DC fans. If you ask me which among these three is the best, I would not bat an eyelid and say DC fans. Though much like Muffin fans, DC fans have longer life expectancy as compared to muffin fans. Reasonably priced, DC fans generate low noise because they run at less than their maximum speed, making them more efficient and longer lasting.

A 12-24 V DC fan has a life expectancy of about forty thousand hrs. with their small and slim design, they are highly portable and the optimum air flow in these fans makes DC fans consume less power, making them a very profitable buy indeed. The DC fan motors, contrary to AC fans are brushless, which gives it greater durability. Also, a DC fan has sealed and self lubricated ball bearings, preventing it from dust, thereby increasing its life expectancy. Usually, DC fans are fitted with an automatic controller which varies its speed depending on the internal temperature. The airflow of a DC fan ranges from 1-125 CFM, making it suitable for a wide range of purposes.

Talking of DC fans, it is worth mentioning DC fans manufactured by YS Tech USA. Designed in state of the art engineering facilities, these DC fans give exceptional performance and excellent value for money. Made from 94VO rated thermoplastics, they come in a wide variety of designs. Everything, from dual ball bearings DC fans, sintetico bearing and sleeve bearing systems are available at YS tech USA. With remarkable reliability and amazing acoustics, the DC fans by YS tech are worth it.

Their dpths range from 25 mm to 122 mm and come in varying DC inputs from 5 V to 48 V. if even such range of DC Fans does not suit your needs, then engineers at YS tech will work with you to develop a fan which fits into all your requirements. And if you are fretting about the price, you need not worry. A 5 V DC fan, which is ideal for your laptop, is priced at round $29 while a 12 V DC fan ranges somewhere between $10 and $30. All in all, with their wide range of designs, high performance and reasonable pricing, DC fans are a worthwhile investment and ideal to keep your various devices functioning properly.


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