HESCO® Units and Enviro-Armour™ Providing Beach Protection for Gulf Coast

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The danger of oil from the BP spill coming onshore to Gulf of Mexico beaches is still present despite the fact that the well from BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig appears to be capped. Some oil has already come onshore and is causing damage to the beaches. Some companies are now hard at work providing beach protection through various means. One way is through the use of HESCO® Concertainer® units. These patented basket units are designed to have a cellular structure and create a wall of strength and integrity when joined together. Not only are they good for oil spill cleanup efforts, they also are used for flood protection and against beach erosion. They are pre-assembled and packaged flat and come with joining pins for connecting the units together. The units are also easy to install and require little man labor to install. Within 20 minutes, the HESCO® can be installed, which is much less time than it would take to install 1,500 sandbags. Those usually take about seven hours to position. Also, using less people to install them saves money on labor costs. Beach protection like this can is a solid defense against oil or chemical spills that threaten the beaches.

Also, adding agents like Enviro-Armour™ to the units makes them an even more powerful weapon against oil spills. Enviro Bond 403™ will solidify any hydrocarbon spill that is on water. That means any oil that is on the water that comes into contact with the agent will instantly turn into a solid upon contact. Oil spill clean up is much easier when oil is turned into a solid because it can be disposed of easier and then reused as a raw material. Some of the raw materials the solidified oil can be used for include:
· Asphalt
· Rubber
· Plastic
· Fuel
It can also be applied to absorbent booms as well. In a recent test involving a 75-gallon spill, 41 3" x 10 foot booms were needed for other brand of agents. Only eight booms were needed when Enviro-Armour™ was applied. Also, the waste that a company would normally have to pay can be lessened with the use of the agent. With Enviro-Armour™, the waste is generally only ˝ cubic yards while the other brands were 2 -1/2 cubic yards, about five times the waste.

When you need beach protection like this, call on Integrated Protection Systems. They provide beach protection through the use of HESCO® Concertainer® units and Enviro-Armour™. For more about beach protection, email info@bp-oil-spill.com.

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