Here's How To Watch Live TV On Your Computer - It's Easy!

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We have gotten a number of emails from people asking how they can watch television online. Many people are watching their favorite shows on the internet so we decided to dig around and found out more about this alternative.

Watching TV on the net isn't completely new, but just recently it has increased greatly in popularity because of improvements in video quality and the amount of channels. It wasn't long ago that the video and sound quality was really poor and there weren't all that many channels that you could watch.

Nowadays the technology is to the point where you can watch thousands of channels and view them all in outstanding quality. It's spectacular the improvements that have occured and it's no surprise more people are turning their computers into media centers.

Let's discuss how you can watch TV online.

As you might have guessed, you will need to install a special internet TV software program on your computer. There's a couple out there to choose from, so here's a couple of things you need to search for and pay attention to.

First off, ensure that you get a big selection of TV channels. Obviously it's important to get the major networks ABC, CNN, Movie Channel, HBO etc) but you should also get a wide variety of specialty channels as well. The best internet TV software programs will always let you watchover a thousand channels.

It's also nice to be able to schedule recordings of channels so that your computer records the shows you aren't able to view them live. This isn't a widely available feature, but it is out there so shop around. As well, you should have the ability to connect your computer to your TV set so that you can watch the feed right on your television set if you want to.

Lastly, look for a software program where you need only pay an initial one-time fee and where you aren't billed any fees each month. When you compare it to a cable or satellite TV bill it's a tremendous deal to simply have to pay the once. Avoid any software program that wants to charge you a monthly fee as you can get a better deal.

Watching live TV on the net is a fantastic way to catch your favorite shows. The better internet TV programs will cost you about forty bucks for loads of channels which is an incredible deal. It's also useful if you have a laptop since you can then watch TV even when you're on the road. If you're a TV buff, it's worth considering!


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