Herbal moisturizing cream for hand and body

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Our body is exposed to pollutants and ultraviolet rays once we go out somewhere. Also staying in air conditioned room for continuous hours dehydrates our skin of essential oil. There is a definite amount of oil and water that is required for healthy skin. The herbal moisturizing creams for hand and body becomes a necessity here. Generally people care about face but do not think that same is required for our hand and body as well. The herbal creams available are without any side effects and penetrate easily to leave the skin glowing and youthful.

Here are various chemical based anti aging creams that may cause harm to the cells of skin where in the Herbal products can be used without any risk. There creams work in a natural way and the biotic ingredients of the product makes it the best to be recommended. Most of the skin specialists also refer to the herbal moisturizers as they are a safe remedy.

There are different skin types and one should keep in mind the quality of the ingredients used in the cream while selecting one. Vegetable glycerin draws moisture from air and keeps it locked into skin. Castor helps to prevent water loss. Shea butter and alo vera are best to restore healthy skin and help in healing damaged parts of the skin. Natural softening agent paapin restoring enzymes is present in papaya which keeps the skin soft and supple. Papaya moisturizers are best suited mature and sensitive skin.

It is a light cream preferred by people with oil skin. Daily use of calendula cream leaves skin soft and pampered. Musk mallow extract is another ingredient in herbal moisturizers that leaves the skin naturally comforting, feeling hydrated and complete. It is intense moisturizing cream that is luxuriously rich and melts automatically into the skin.

Use of glycerine prevents the skin from drying and results in beautiful and healthy complexion. Creams with glycerine content acts as protective coating for tanned skin and leaves the skin looking healthy. Rose creams are best suited for toning and it has affinity towards dry skin. When rose extract is used in combination with other ingredients it acts as silk coat for dry and normal skin. To protect skin from sun rays and pollutants wheatgerm oil (that contains vitamin E) based creams prove very helpful. Honey and avocado are best for immediate and long lasting moisturizing effects.

Herbal moisturizing creams including extracts of peach, grape, plum, strawberry and cherry can be used as non greasy daily cream for oily skin type. Acute concentration of oil in the above mentioned natural fruits and their ability to make skin glow and keep it healthy are best suited for oily skin types.

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