Helping You Keep Your Bottle Cold - Stubbie Holder

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It is a fact that today's business world has become a crowded little box for all players. It has become extremely difficult to think of new ideas to promote and build your business. Maybe, you have been thinking of means on how you can promote your business without burning your entire money box. Nobody is stopping you from choosing the plain-old shirt promotional strategy, but if you think about it, who wears a shirt with a company logo every day? Thatís possible, only if Vogue magazine says its the new fashion which is doubtful. The creation of the stubbie holder means you are no longer limited to mugs, pens, and shirts.

The utilization of the stubbie holder to keep drinks cool has become extremely widespread in recent years. But, whatís a stubbie holder? Its a soft device used to cover a cold bottle whilst drinking to prevent the drinks from getting warm. A stubbie holder is made from neoprene rubber which is capable of keeping the internal temperature stable. This material is even utilised as a diver's wetsuit.

From wetsuits, to keeping your drinks cold and now in the world of business. Truly, these stubbie holders or water bottle holders have definitely made their mark in the world and the momentum, so far, shows no signs of stopping. Witty business owners have changed these stubbie holders from merely coolers to market their products.

Using them can work in several ways for businesses, aside from being a stubbie holder itself, it can also be used for business promotion by printing your business logo, business phrase, or the business owner's name. Its up to you, you can print whatever you want to see on your stubbies for your company benefit. It is one excellent means to promote a business as opposed to printing dozens of papers just to be crumpled and thrown away.

Some pubs and restaurants in Australia utilise these devices as a great marketing instrument by offering every customer a stubby holder after taking their orders, it is a good way of programming your customers' mind to remember you each time they want to eat or drink. For few creative minds, stubbie holders can even be used as an invitation for any occasion you can think of from birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.

Stubbie holder are utilised more than just to keep your bottles cold so you could enjoy your favorite drink; the word stubby was indeed redefined.
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