Helpful Eye Makeup Tips for You

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I admit that one of the most difficult parts of applying make up is putting the right one correctly on my eyes. Everyone desires to achieve that look which can captivate many people by emphasizing the eyes. And in order to do that one must practice regularly so that he can master the skill and art. It is a part of being a woman so it is just proper that you have some ideas on how to do it properly. In this article, I will be giving helpful eye make up tips for you so that you too can achieve that celebrity eyes that you always want.

First is, it is not advisable that you pump the mascara. It will only make it dry so instead of pumping why not twist it? As you may have noticed mascara becomes thick during winter time. So place it first in a warm glass of water before using. When using eye liner, the effects are not all the same. Color pencil makes your eyes pop out. If you like smoky eyes then go for black pencil. Women with green eyes go well with purple colored pencils. This will define your eyes more. Try experimenting with other shades as well.

Do not pluck eye brows because some of the hairs may not grow back. There are ways to cover those gaps like filing in with an eye shadow. There are a variety of stencils available in the market so you can choose one that suits you well. It is also not true that in order to emphasize those green eyes of yours you also have to apply green colors. Purple shades as well as orange and red are good for you as they define your beautiful green eyes more. For those with blue eyes, you may try using dark blue shades and gray.

In order to make your brown eyes look sophisticated, try using golden brown, bronze and peach. These contrasting colors make you look sophisticated. Blend two shades well. Try framing your eyes as well as this will add more definition to your lovely brown eyes. On the other hand, blue eyes will never fail to look good in purple, orange, gray and pink colors. If you follow these simple eye make up tips you are surely going to captivate many people. So look your best and wow them with those gorgeous eyes.


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