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There are many causes of childlessness, ranging from serious pathology in the egg sacs, testes, or tubes to simple sub-fertile people who have a little ability to conceive if helped. I recommend that people with chronic problems should visit a doctor for medical examination and necessary action. On the other hand people with low sperm count, short menstrual cycle, long menstrual cycle can be helped with natural family planning we are promoting in this blog. In this article, I want to try as much as possible to help all those people who had married for a long time without a single conception and eventually birthing a baby.

Childlessness! Who is to blame?

This question though very important, I want to state from the onset that nobody is to be blamed, but both of you should rally round each other to help. Marriage is a union where help is expected to be rendered to each other. From research carried out, it is discovered that the man carries one third of the cause of delays or childlessness, while the woman also also carries another one third of the cause, the last one third is the cause of both of them. In any case, I can help you if you just follow some of the suggestions written in this post.

People talk about low sperm count as the sperms that are scanty, unable to live for more than 12 hours in a very fertile mucus, whereas it should be able to live for at least three to four days. The hope you have if your sperm count is low is that if it can survive for 12 hours then you can successfully impregnate your wife if you do it when she has successfully ovulated, released the egg in the presence of fertile mucus. Your sperm would not have all died before it reaches the egg to fertilize it, congratulations. To the woman who have irregular menses, confused about been able to know when you are most fertile in the cycle, I have already recommended in an earlier article that you get a copy of my e-book, "Learn the wonders of natural family planning" to learn and fully understand the way your body works and how to recognise your most fertile day in any cycle. If you can identify your most fertile day, there will already be the presence of mucus that will help your husband's sperms to survive till one of them can fertilize the egg. Note that without this mucus your husband's sperms cannot survive around the virgina area for any lenght of time, the environment around it is not comfortable for the survival of sperms until the ovulation mucus is present. This ovulation mucus must have been there for about two or more hours before intercourse before it will be capable of sustaining the sperm.

Having understood that point I want to go ahead to tell you that cooperation between the two of you is critically important for a successful conception. You must learn to love each other for who you both are, have regular intercourse for love sake rather than for conception sake. The man should learn to especially take the lead in this and not to look down on his wife that she is the cause of their childlessness, she needs even more love and understanding because she is psychologically affected. The next thing is for the two of you to have hope and faith in God that He alone is able to bless you with your own baby, and He will do it. This matter of hope is very important, it means that when you think that you should be pregnant this month and you are not, in this scenerio, you are not discouraged or angry with God. You look forward with hope for next month, and if it does not happen next month, you still look forward with hope and joy for another month.

You and your wife should learn to recognise the peak, that is the time of ovulation, use this knowledge very wisely and with cooperation, you will both achieve what we desire, a successful conception. The woman is expected to continue to chart in other to determine when she is most fertile. Intercourse is advised on this peak day, the day the woman is most fertile. When the sperm is too thick as a result of non-regular sex, the sperms may be closely spaced giving no room for them to swim freely towards the egg. Regular sex will make it thin enough to give free room for fertilization of the egg. hence my theory of cooperation and loving coexistence is very essential to a succeesful conception, wishing you all the best.

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