Help For Single Mom - Parents and Children: What Happens After Divorce?

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A lot of people have thought that accompanied with divorce is a shocking downfall emotionally and financially speaking. As for the emotion, it is partly true; however, financially speaking, divorce will really not cause you to be poor. Help is available for single mothers who have just faced divorce. A lot of support groups are also widely available. These support groups would include help to low income single mothers, single mother support groups, and various single mother programs.

Statistics is the purely the basis of studies conducted about single parenting and divorce. Usually, these studies would often focus on the effects of divorce to becoming a single parent up, to children who will be forced to decide where they would like to stay, and the effects of divorce to financial instability or poverty. When the welfare reform was facing uproar, these gave rise to the statistics about divorce. Thus, giving rise to the awareness of the public to teenagers who are already single parents. The statistics have moved the government to form financial assistance groups that would help these single parents to survive parenthood.

When the support groups where formed, several studies were conducted and showed that children and parents after divorce were doing fine.

Stability in children happens even after divorce

The UK and US data of 2008 have stated that children who grew up with a father in their lives perform better than children who grew up without a father. However, the same data also said that it is hard to determine whether the mentioned data was actually caused by the presence of a father figure because it can also be affected by how well the single mother was able to raise the child and provide enough time for them. Thus, several studies were conducted and found out that family type whether complete or broken is not associated by how the parent raises the children.

A study that was conducted by the Journal of Marriage and Family has found out that "social" fathers provide better care to children of single mothers than the biological fathers who left the mothers alone. Another study was conducted about children from divorced families whose mothers remarried or living in with a new partner. The study has found out that these children performed the same like children from non divorced families. The parenting ability is also studied to determine if divorce has an effect to it. The 2007 results have shown that there was no significant difference in the parenting abilities of parents who have been divorced and parents who remained married.

What should the mother do after divorce in order to support children as well as establishing good relationships with fathers?

A biological father would always be a father no matter what the marital status is. Single mothers who opt to remain single even if in the state of pregnancy should ask involvement from the biological father. Studies have shown that biological fathers who are involved during pregnancy are more likely to get involved when the child is already born. The involvement during pregnancy was the biggest factor and not the marital status.

When there are divorce issues that need to be discussed, the children should not be involved as this may cause behavioral problems among children. Problems related to behavior become apparent in school due to overwhelming divorce issues. This happens when parents let their children see them while arguing. Aside from that, the behavior of children may also be affected by hormones and even their genetic composition.

The result of divorce in children and parents would actually depend on how stable the parent is. Mothers who can provide their children with adequate care and address their needs would more likely provide stability. Children will not be miserable if the divorce or separation was done in a quiet and subtle manner. Keep in mind that the children is always the priority.

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