Heat Exchanger Fabrication

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The process of fabrication of heat exchangers requires equipment of high quality, welding that is done according to the latest industry’s standards, and highly skilled staff that is able to conduct every task successfully.

Heat exchanger fabrication is a complicated process whose purpose is to manufacture products with minimal cost and maximum quality. That is why; the key to having the top quality heat exchanger in your refinery or plant is decision you make about whom to trust with fabrication process.

What do we offer?

We offer heat exchanger fabrication that is conducted in the modern facility with the high quality equipment and lifting capacity. Additionally, our staff is highly skilled, knowledgeable and due to their expertise every project is finished successfully in timely manner.
Moreover, our company is the leader in the machining capabilities. During the fabrication process we use CNC equipment as well as the standard and conventional equipment such as Vertical Boring Mills, Radial Arm Drills, and Horizontal Boring Mills. Due to the fact that we possess all necessary equipment for heat exchanger fabrication and massive facilities 100% of machining needs are performed in-house.


Naturally, before the fabrication process can even start, the heat exchangers have to be designed first and we do that as well. This way, your plant or refinery saves money it would otherwise be spent on hiring someone to design and forwarding design to company that will perform fabrication. We offer two types of designs:
• Thermal design – rendered using HTRI (Heat Transfer Research Inc) to accomplish optimum design with minimum cost and maximum efficiency.
• Mechanical design – performed with PVElite/CodeCalc software.
Dunn Heat Exchangers provide two types of design that is practical, reliable, with the most accurate measures. Additionally, we provide drafting, estimating, and purchasing materials that is necessary for fabrication.

Fabrication process

Along with mentioned massive facility and knowledgeable staff that is of huge importance for successful heat exchanger fabrication, we are also able to fabricate all types of materials. Fabrication performed by Dunn Heat Exchangers is consisted of:

• Hot forming of pullouts and headers
• Header welding and fabrication
• Tube to tube welding
• Header pullout to tube welding
• Post weld heat treatment
• Testing and surface treatment.

Guaranteed quality

Dunn Heat Exchanger’s Quality Assurance Department makes sure that fabrication process meets the latest requirements set by ASME and TEMA. Additionally, our Quality Assurance Department staff is certified by the American Society of Non-Destructive Testing, American Welding Society etc.

Heat exchanger fabrication is a complicated process that requires the usage of the latest technology, highly skilled staff, and top quality equipment. The process should be done by reliable companies and our company provides the best service in the country.

For all inquiries related to fabrication process or our other services, feel free to contact us and our customer service will provide the detailed answer.

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