Healthy Smoothie Recipe

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Lemons really are a popular fruit in cooking and in " lemon " flavoured beverages and candy. But in which the " lemon " sapling came from is really a secret.

Most presumptions tend to be how the tree first increased in the region now recognized as India, The far east, as well as north Burma. From there, there is evidence how the sapling was introduced in Europe at some point around the very first hundred years Advert, most likely by the Romans.

Over the next fourteen hundred years the actual lemon sapling distribute in to Persia and was highly prized being an decorative plant in early structure landscapes.

Serious farming from the lemon started in Genoa, Italia in the fifteenth hundred years and was introduced to the actual United states region very first through Christopher Columbus that carried " lemon " seeds with him or her on their voyages, and then later on through the Spanish Conquistador's.

Beginning within the 1700s lemon farming started in earnest within areas of Florida as well as California exactly where it remains an important agricultural harvest to the current day time.

Nutritionally, the actual " lemon " is really a treasure chest of vitamins and minerals including:

Ascorbic acid

Vitamin B6


The mineral magnesium


Blood potassium

And, perhaps most of all, lemons make great soda and pop juicing recipes!

Before springtime, here is a delicious formula for a Pink Lemonade Healthy smoothie blend that will help you stay cool just about all summer lengthy.

1 cup frozen raspberries

1 cup chilled soda and pop (help to make your own from fresh squeezed lemon, drinking water, and sugar or even one of the commercial pre-mixed kinds. If you use the red lemonaid mix you wi9ll end up with a rich pink color)

one cup low fat peach yogurt

Combine all elements in a mixer as well as mix until it gets to the actual regularity you prefer. Function inside a perfectly chilled cup or even in a tourist to enjoy on the run!

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