Healthy Beauty Parlor Air--Top 4 Things That Can Cause Unhealthy Beauty Parlor Air

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The beauty parlor continues to be one of the favorite places for women to literally let their hair down. And when they come to your shop, the last thing they want to do is worry about anything, particularly whether the air in your shop is healthy.

Here are 4 things that can cause your shop to receive poor marks on its air quality, and a solution that can get your shop to the front of the line again.

Airborne Hair-Clipping, shaving, blow drying, and sweeping of hair can all send it airborne. Most stylists sweep hair from around their station after each hair cut. This means hair is constantly being sent airborne. Multiply the number of stylists in your shop by the haircuts given each day, and have the potential for pretty hairy air.

Hair Spray-Many women still enjoy having the final touch for their new style to be hair spray. There is literally a cloud of airborne chemicals that surround the person hair and spread throughout the beauty parlor. And just because you don't see it after 10 seconds doesn't mean it's gone from the air. If your shop has only 3 stylists, and they each do 10 customers a day, and finish them all with hair spray, just that one product alone is reducing the air quality by the number of chemicals that remain in the air from the spray.

Chemicals from Perms-Permanents might make women look beautiful, but they sure don't smell beautiful. In fact a lot of them stink. Even if they were not off gassing chemicals into the air, the atmosphere at the shop would be greatly improved if it smelled good. How often have you opened the door only to be greeted by the perm smell? The better your shop smells, the better the first impression that you make will be. And the longer you keep a client in your shop the better?

Chemicals Used for Manicures and Pedicures-As more salons have become full service salons, offering manicures and pedicures make the beauty parlor experience even more appealing. However, nail polish, hardeners, acrylic, adhesives and other materials that are used really smell awful and the odors signal a nail salon long before you can see it.

Taking these chemicals out of circulation with an air purifier that is specifically designed to remove particles such as hair and airborne chemicals is a winning combination for an air cleaner for a beauty parlor. A high efficiency particle arresting air (or HEPA) purifier will remove particulates down to .3 microns and make your shop easier for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

A purifier that also has an inner filter to absorb and eliminate the chemicals that off gas from beauty products make it a smart investment for the health of you and your stylists and your customers as well.


See the air purifier specifically designed to remove airborne chemicals and particulates from the air in your beauty parlor at

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