Healthiest and Quickest Methods for Straightening Teeth

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On top of the aesthetic and comfort advantages of Invaslign over ordinary braces, it also has several advantages in terms of its healthiness and speed. For example, Invisalign has much fewer detrimental effects on the gums than do fixed braces which can actually cause the roots of the teeth to shorten and to cause demineralisation and even tooth decay. This occurs in up to 50% of cases making it fairly unhealthy. Permanent braces also mean that food and other obstructions can become caught in the braces and trapped next to the teeth as they can't be removed. Obviously if you eat sugary sweets etc this can then lead to plaque and other detrimental effects. You obviously also won't be able to brush your teeth behind those braces. This means that patients aren't able to eat certain foods for the duration of their course (which can be up to two years) and will likely still have damaged teeth. Meanwhile with Invisalign the teeth can be exposed for eating and for brushing meaning that there are very few detrimental effects. Meanwhile going another route and getting surgery can cause other problems to your teeth and to your health in general. Often the process will be painful and will require anaesthetic which can put strain on our system, at the same time we will then be susceptible to infection until the wound has healed which can lead to all manner of complications.

In cases where the operation goes wrong the teeth could even be lost entirely. On the other end of the spectrum, using veneers offers no health threats or concerns and in fact can protect the front of the teeth underneath the caps. In terms of health risks then, veneers and Invisalign have an advantage over either 'ordinary' braces or surgery, and surgery should certainly be considered a last resort if it is only being considered for aesthetic purposes.

Another advantage of aligners that none of the others have is that they can be tailored to the mouth of the patient as their teeth improve. In other words, as the aligners do their job, the patient's teeth will change shape and will require less pushing to be in the correct place. With Invisalign and other removable aligners, the braces can then be 'graduated' and replaced with more appropriate ones. Not only does this lessen the risk of damage being done to the teeth and gums, but in a study of 408 patients is was also demonstrated to work twice as quickly as ordinary braces. In terms of speed of effect however, veneers or surgery certainly have the upper hand and can have your teeth looking exactly how you want them within just a couple of weeks. This means if you have an event or function you need to look good for, you can get your teeth re-aligned in time for that specific appointment.

In terms of the least invasive and most healthy option for straightening teeth then, Invisalign proves to be both the quickest method and the one that causes the fewest health complications. Though surgery will be quicker, it is also risky and invasive and can cause further problems down the road.

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