Has Brought A Common Sense Approach to Fat Loss

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January 1, 2010 -- A new health and fitness website has taken the complexity and guesswork and the HUGE expense out of dropping the extra pounds. In fact the system they have put together doesn't even require you to be a food savvy individual. This is a diet for dummies which follows an innovative program. It might seem at first a little rude referring to those that are plagued with fat as "dummies" ,however the message here is that you don't have to hold a degree in nutrition to find out how to lose fat. What it simply boils down to is that most overweight individuals know how they got that way they just simply need some redirection that is based on truth and not hype. This is the sole purpose of to better the overall well being of individuals that just want to get on with a healthy life.

The diet for dummies is really simple because it tells overweight individuals what they already know. Any individual that has tried a multitude of diets is going to tell you that low fat diets don't work, low carb diets make you feel retched, and counting calories is nonsense. This is exactly what the website stipulates. Nothing new to this point for the overweight person. Just confirming and agreeing with what they already know.

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