Health Care to Improve in UK with Website Launch

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After a series of negative reviews and poor results from independent advisory boards, insurance giant UK Healthcare has begun development of a website that aims to smooth over the company’s troubled public relations record. The public has accused the insurance provider of misinformation and a lack of transparency, stating that they have concealed important policy details and claims instructions in order to cut costs.

The new site aims to provide an enhanced customer experience, more information about current products and services, as well as putting a new face on the company that allows it to break with the past and regain the trust of its clientele.

Far from a merely extending the olive branch, the new UK Healthcare domain name will also serve a definite sales function. Current offerings for care policies custom-tailored for the needs of big business have also been incorporated into the site. Alongside these are new, user-friendly explanations of available private care plans for individual residents, outlining the various levels and care packages available. New benefits include workout and gym vouchers and advance cancer screening and disease prevention services, depending on the policy and level of coverage selected.

One of the major features insisted upon by past trade advisory boards concerned the availability of claims forms, and the perceived difficulty associated with making a UK Healthcare claim. As result, the company has been urged to create website which facilitate the claims process. As such, they have made all such documentation available directly from the new website, in addition to helpline numbers and an email contact for troubleshooting and insurance claims help.

The company, which is owned by Bolton and District Hospital, serves as an underwriter for the variety of medical and pharmaceutical products and services that are included in a UK Healthcare policy. While the company suggests that this allows insured parties from both the public and private sector to reclaim medical, dental and other personal care expenses, the company’s track record brings their underwriting role into some doubt.

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