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Longevity and anti-aging: How can we grow younger while we are growing older? Chemicals, infections, irritants and toxins of many types damage our cells every single day.

Below our conscious awareness our bodies are hard at work attempting to keep up the delicate balance that keeps us alive. But perhaps we should become a little familiar with the process of cell health and be more consciously aware of how to help our bodies maintain health. By knowing how the cells function, we will most likely be able to experience less pain and suffering later on in life.

Conscious choices lead to a much better life lived. Oxidative stress happens when there is too much dirty build up in the liquid environment inside the cells. Just like the outside of our body, the cells inside our body need to go through cleansing too. Oxidation sends out an S.O.S. to healthy cells surrounding them for help.

The immune system then picks up the alarm and then sends out signals for the body to create anti-oxidants and other reactive molecules called ‘reductants' to help repair damaged cells and kill the harmful invading organisms. Reductants and anti-oxidants that are naturally produced by mitochondria in the salt water that surround the cells, pair up to protect the cells.

We are taught how to cleanse externally but no one teaches the importance of internal cleansing. Eating clean organic food as close to nature as possible, getting enough rest and exercise along with a good attitude help give the cells the support they need to function optimally. And since we can't always eat right and exercise as much as we know we should, extra steps are necessary. So occasional vegetable juice fasting for a few days or even a day or two of just clean water really help internal cleansing.

Of course every home should have a proper water filter as the water supply is known to be dangerous over time.Also taking the right supplements helps keep things going in the right direction. It's best to find supplements that are supportive to helping the natural functioning of the body that are natural and safe. It's better to put some attention into our bodies today for a better return on investment later on.
Keeping clean means staying younger. It's one of the best kept secrets of anti-aging and longevity.

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