Headshots Los Angeles: Interview with Photographer Lesley Bohm

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When picking a headshot, what do you think? Should actors go with their gut or with what their agent or manager says? What do you think about that?
I really recommend an actor pick Ė itís hard. You need a few different opinions because you always want to go with the best shot that you think you look good. You know, ďOh, that one I look the best in.Ē But sometimes itís how other people see you rather than how you see yourself. So, it is good to get an agents opinion. And if the agent sends you out and gets you jobs, itís always good to have their opinion. But if you really hate the shot that they pick, I would seriously consider a compromise in between what you pick and something that you like and your photographerís opinion and your manager and your friends and that kind of thing. Something that has to sell. It really has to be for the big marketplace rather than your personal taste.
What makes for a good session to you?
Just to know that I have achieved a shot that is honest and has integrity and comes from the heart. And has a good personality and thereís been a good flow. And I know that the actor has let go and allowed me to direct them. And weíve created hopefully their best self for that day. That is what my ultimate goal is. The most alive, the most full of passion, the most, you know, the best looking, of course you want to look great for this business. You know, just and a little bit of diversity, some edgy, something a little rougher if need be. Thatís my goal.

Do you think people should come in with a specific look, like a cop, lawyer or whatever? I once had an agent tell me that they wanted me to get dressed in scrubs so I could be on a medical show.
Yeah, there are two thoughts on that. There are some casting people where that is really what they want to see. I think you should really go for your type. Whatever you most get booked on or you seem to go out on auditions for, that kind of thing. If you go way off type, youíre going to just waste your money and have lots of really pretty pictures. So, insofar as taking lots of specifics like doctor and military, unless youíre really specific and youíre sending it out for parts, I think thatís fine, but you need to have just a really great, legit headshot, a great commercial headshot and then something, if you go out for the one-hour drama, you need something thatís a little more business-y/professional, intelligent, you know, that kind of thing. And then when I shoot, I just focus on what I think is your area of expertise for what I can see and then our conversation. Sometimes I talk to your agent and we just kind of go from there and really have a little more focused attack for photos.

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