Having A Baby - Where To Turn For Advice

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Having a baby is an exciting time in any couple's life. It is a decision that has the potential to even change the couple's life. Conversely, there are also a lot of small things that a couple needs to do during the pregnancy period for long term happiness. Thankfully, there are a number of people the couple can approach for advice and suggestions related to pregnancy. The following is a list of people who can help a couple with respect to pregnancy and related subjects:

1. Gynecologists: Gynecologists are medical professionals trained in the science of female reproductive system. These professionals must be visited before, during and after the pregnancy. Most gynecologists are helpful and always available for consultancy in case parents to be have doubts or unanswered queries.
2. Dieticians: These are professionals who can help the pregnant woman in terms of having the right kind of nutrition in the right amounts. The concept of a balanced diet changes when a woman is pregnant as she requires more nutrition than in the usual state. Having a proper diet during pregnancy can prevent many deficiency disorders from affecting the infant.

3. Obstetrician: These are medical professionals with specialty in surgery. These professionals are trained for taking care of the woman and the baby before, during and after the pregnancy. Midwives were the equivalent of obstetricians in earlier times.
4. Psychologists: As stated earlier, having a baby involves a big change for both the father and the mother. Therefore, certain mental adjustments need to be made. In the majority of cases, a couple is able to make these adjustments without professional help. However, if required, a psychologist should be visited.
5. Birthing classes: Most countries have classes run by professionals that teach, parents expecting a baby, the basics related to having and taking care of the child.
6. Elders: In every culture or country, the elders are always around when a woman is expecting a baby. Elders, especially the mother or the grandmother, can provide the pregnant woman with emotional and logistical support on the basis of plain sensible experience. Elders have gone through this stage at least once in their lives and know the basic dos and don'ts related to having a baby. Friends: Friends can be a source of strength when it comes to the emotionally stressful period of pregnancy. Pregnancy means a lot of changes in the lives of the couple and friends can help them cope with it, especially if they have already gone through the same experience. Support from friends is different and more easily acceptable too.

7. Books: A couple can find a whole variety of books on pregnancy, child care and related topics. Finding and reading such books is advisable for parents to be.
8. Internet: The Internet is one of the most convenient places to find answers to pregnancy and child care questions. However, one must always verify the information found on the internet from two to three different sources.

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