Have Unfiled Tax Returns? Follow the Tax Return Checklist

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If you have had luck so far that your unfiled tax returns have not caught the attention of the IRS, your luck may be about to run out. The Internal Revenue Service's rise in enforcement will mean that all unfiled tax returns will be returning to you with at least twenty-five percent in penalties, interest, and the possibility of prison due to felony back tax evasion fees.

This is the time to run to the closest tax attorney for a consultation. Begin within the last year in which you filed taxes. Return to the year the IRS obtained your taxes. You will require figures from this return in order to complete the unfiled tax returns.

Be sure you possess every document the Internal Revenue Service does. Visit the office of Social Security to obtain copies of your 1099s, W-2's and all other documents for the years you possess unfiled tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service might have received a document which you did not and this may be the area of a few of your issues.

Decide what your original liability of tax might have been. Many tax attorneys work with Enrolled Agents, CPAs and other professionals who could aid you in preparing the unfiled taxes. If you cannot obtain the forms for the unfiled delinquent tax returns on the Internet, you might have some luck visiting the library to view if they possess the forms you will need from earlier years. If they do not possess the forms, you should call a tax attorney.

Verify that you and the IRS agree upon the unfiled taxes. When you have gotten the late returns prepared, ask a tax attorney to examine the IRS's estimation against your account of the debt. Send in the unfiled taxes to the Internal Revenue Service immediately. All late tax returns are too vital to send out electronically. Send in every unfiled tax return with the check for five dollars. Your penalties and interest for every tax return that is late adds up with each day you do not pay.

Have the tax attorney put together an Internal Revenue Service payment game plan for you. Could you fully pay the unfiled return debt? Must you? Must you attempt for a compromise? Must you attempt to obtain an Internal Revenue Service payment plan for the back taxes? The help of an expert could aid in deciding upon a game plan which is best.


Amy Stampley is a writer who specializes in covering tax law topics, from discussing what individuals need to do about their unfiled tax returns to offering tips on what to look for in a qualified tax attorney.

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