Have Several Outstanding Features From Sony Ericsson T610

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Released in 2003, Sony Ericsson T610 brought major innovations to the design of mobiles. This mobile was among the first to include joystick navigation, a color screen, bluetooth technology and a built-in camera. In its generation, Sony Ericsson T610 made history and change phone concepts for good.

Still manufactured, Sony Ericsson T610 is available in three colors only: Abyss Blue, Volcanic Red and Aluminum Haze. The most common variant of this design is the aluminum color, which brought some complaints from customers who would have liked to enjoy something a bit more vivid or daring.

Even to this day, the most frequently sold color of Sony Ericsson T610 remains Aluminum haze. Regardless of the color variation, the keypad is silvery in all phone designs. It has a built-in camera, polyphonic ring-tones, WAP Internet connection and some other functions that make a good phone out of it.

Since the technical features and design are somehow obsolete, you cannot expect built-in hands-free or speaker phone capabilities. In many opinions, Sony Ericsson T610 proves a pretty sophisticated phone even for our times. Besides the design variations between the American and the European models, the internal features are identical.

The most serious criticism brought to Sony Ericsson T610 is the fact that the joystick can turn on the phone or cause some unexpected dial outs. Unexpected dial outs and premature battery wear out will be the main consequences for such situations.

The camera is also pretty slow and the quality of the pictures is reduced. If we are to judge the cell performance by the present day standards, Sony Ericsson T610 is definitely obsolete and mediocre, yet for the time when it was produced, expectations couldn't have been higher.

Last but not least, Sony Ericsson T610 allows voice commands, and, it comes pretty cheap if we consider the main features and advantages it brings. Moreover, nobody can complain that this phone is jammed with useless features because it only includes the very necessary items for an enjoyable phone use experience.

Consequently, in case you want to buy an older but good phone model, we warmly recommend Sony Ericsson T610. However, before buying such a phone it is advisable to test it and see whether you are happy with what it has got to offer to the user.

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