Have Fun with the Right Face & Body Paints

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Nothing can jazz up your appearance at a party or a game like body-paint. If we look around us, it is everywhere and everyone is jumping onto the body paint bandwagon. If you want to do too, there are a few things you need to remember first.
Body Paints for All
Face & body paints are applied onto the skin after the application of a barrier cream. Their use earlier was limited to actors as a part of their costume in theatre or drama but this has changed over the last few years or so. Today we see people in games, fetes, parties and fairs etc indulging in their use and basically having fun. Body paints are available in a wide array of colours and also in bronzed or glitter tones which are extremely popular; especially among the younger generation. The Derivan face paint is available along with the brush and finger paint range specifically aimed at kids between three to five years of age.
Safety of Face & Body Paints
Not all body paints are safe for use and before buying them you should ensure that they meet all the required safety standards. They should be non-toxic at all times. Some paints can have toxic and other unwanted elements in their composition and hence it is always a good idea to buy them from a place that guarantees the quality of these paints and vouch for their safety. The good news is that the Derivan face paint conforms to all the Australian Government safety standards and regulations. They come in rich vibrant shades and are reasonably priced and come in different sized containers, so you can buy them as per your requirements. What makes their paints better is that they provide excellent coverage, are fast drying and can be easily washed away with warm soapy water.

Whether Face & body Paints are used for professional reasons or just for fun, you cannot be too careful when you are buying them. Bad quality or toxic body paints can be potentially dangerous to your health. So you should always bear in mind to buy your body paints only reliable brands, such as the Derivan face paint for instance.
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