Have A Blast With A Fraternity Themed Party

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There really is a difference between a party at a fraternity and a party with a fraternity theme. Typically, the best types of parties are the themes that are more creative with the exceptions of course (Toga party). Choosing a fraternity party with a creative theme should also be consider rather than opting for the typically, run-of-the-mill every day parties. While the result is the same, having fun with frat brothers and friends, choose a fraternity themed party that gets people talking.

"Toga, Toga!", is a classic theme for a frat party and one that is very simple to do; just dress in sheets draped like roman togas. Few items needed for a quality yoga include white sheets, decorative rope or belt, sandals, leaf or "laurel" headdresses, and gold armbands. Decorations to consider are wine goblets, vine leaves, Roman Columns, plastic toy swords and shields, and Roman urns.

80's Themed Party -The eighties was the decade of decadence. The 1980's was all about big hair, acid wash jeans, neon pink t-shirts, and partying. Throwing a 80's part in which most of the partygoers were not even born in the 80's, or very late 80s, is a great way to live the 1980's lifestyle one time.

The end results look like a lot of work but a Lei / Luau party is easy to put together. Tropical luau party supplies such as inflatable palm trees, large picture or poster of panoramic tropical views, coconut cups, Hawaiian shirts and dresses, Luau table skirts, coconut bras, and luau party hats are the bare essentials when throwing this type of themed party.

Glow-In-The-Dark Themed Party - This is similar to a regular party, but the catch is that just about everything should glow in the dark from the party cups, clothes (more white the better), posters, bracelets, necklaces, glow sticks and body paint. Plenty of black lights are needed.

Halloween Themed Party - Halloween gives people a chances to be whomever they want to be for one night of the year. Halloween parties can include as little as a few decorations from elaborate animatronics.

ABC (Anything but clothes) Themed Party - This will take some creative abilities because you cannot use clothes. Duct tape, foil, garbage bags, and cardboard boxes are all acceptable.

A really creative themed party can be a "Combination Themed Party",two themes like cowboys and Indians.


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