Have A Blast Throwing Your Next Karaoke Party!

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Want a huge selection of professional-grade karaoke songs for a karaoke party? Need it instantly? Well, The Karaoke Channel Online has you covered. With a library of nearly 8,000 songs and growing, youíre guaranteed to find songs you and all of your karaoke party guests will love, no matter how various your ages or musical tastes. The library is constantly updated, so you can find plenty of new hit songs to sing.

Whether youíre just planning a weekend karaoke party or starting a Friday night karaoke party tradition for years to come, Karaoke Channel Online has the package to suit your needs. The applicationís Party Mode allows you to connect your computer to your TV for fun and flashy displays, including the names of the karaoke performers. Displaying on the TV also makes it easy to search for, select and queue the upcoming songs, so thereís not more lag time than needed between singers. Just make sure you have the appropriate cables or wireless capability to connect your computer to your TV.

The Karaoke Channel also offers a separate karaoke kit, featuring two high-quality dynamic microphones (think karaoke party duets!) and a USB vocal mixer. The mixer allows you to add vocal echo and other cool effects to give your karaoke performances some extra star-quality. This equipment is compatible with Windows 7, XP, and Vista, as well as Mac OS X. When purchased with a paid package, this kit goes for $19.95 (+$9.95 S&H), a great value when you look at the price of comparable microphones and mixers sold separately elsewhere. It's really a perfect package for any karaoke party.

The Karaoke Channel Online offers four different packages, depending on the features you need for your karaoke party and time span you want access for.

Trial Offer: Free for unlimited time

This package is free of charge and can be used indefinitely. The catch? You only get 51 songs and banner advertisements are displayed. Also, the optional karaoke kit is $10 more than when purchased with any of the paid packages ($29.95). That said, this option is well worth trying out. You get a look at the interface, plus you can preview the other thousands of songs for free. Whatís there to lose? And hey, if you only need the small selection of songs and already have your own microphones, you might find that this package suits your karaoke party needs just fine.

Shining Star: $9.95 for 48 hours

This two-day package is made for a one-time karaoke party, and features all of the 7982 songs in the Karaoke Channel library. You are only billed once (not recurring), and you get 48 continuous hours of access. This package is completely advertisement free, and allows you to purchase the two-microphone karaoke kit for the discounted price of $19.95. At only $9.95 for almost 8,000 karaoke songs, this package is a great value and is sure to make any karaoke party a spectacular success.

Rising Star: $9.95 per month

This package is exactly the same as the Shining Star package, except you get the service for a whole month. Itís a great value, of course, but the billing is recurring. As long as you remember to cancel before the next month is charged, this package makes more sense than the Shining Star option. And hey, at $9.95 a month, itís even worth it to keep a subscription going so youíre prepared for your future karaoke party!

Super Star: $59.95 (normally $99.95)

This is by far the best value if you think you will be using the service regularly. As of this writing, this package is only $59.95, however the normal listing price is $99.95. This payment is also recurring (billed yearly). The Super Star option is perfect for karaoke party addicts.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the package you choose, you and your karaoke party guests will be impressed by the attractive, easy to use interface and impressive song selection offered by The Karaoke Channel. Remember to order your karaoke microphone kit in advance so youíll have it in time for your star-studded, rockiní karaoke party!

Throw A Great Karaoke Party!

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