Haunted Movie Sets and Ghostly Encounters

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Can there be a curse on the set of a movie?
Some say yes. Here are some crazy instances of death and haunting on set:


You have probably heard about the fact that a number of people died who were involved in this movie- Seven to be exact. Carol Anne (Heather O'Rourke) was only twelve when she died during a bowel obstruction surgery. Dominique Dunne was strangled by her boyfriend at just 22. Will Sampson died from a heart-lung transplant at 53. Brian Gibson and Julian Beck both died of different types of cancer. Gibson had a type of bone cancer that occurs in teenage men and this type is rarely fatal. Gibson was 59. Beatrice Straight died of pneumonia at 87 and Geraldine Fitzgerald died at 91. Perhaps the curse came from the fact that Steven Spielberg used real skeletons of real people in the muddy pool scene. Could this have started the bad karma?

This isn't everything! Oliver Robins' throat was really squeezed by the toy clown in that crazy toy scene, due to some mysterious malfunction! Author James Kahn's air conditioner was struck by lightning and flew into his back.

The cave in the second Poltergeist movie where corpses were buried evidently had real skeletons in them as well- like these guys didn't learn their lesson the first time.

Zelda Rubenstein received a call that her mom had died. Right before that, she had a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. There was a light shining on her face in this part of the movie. Perhaps it was her mom.

Brandon and Bruce Lee

Brandon Lee died during the making of The Crow. He was to be shot with a gun carrying blanks, but there was evidently a bullet lodged in the barrel that went off when the gun was shot, shooting him in the stomach and resulting in his death. His father Bruce Lee also died during the filming of Enter the Dragon in 1973 while at his Hong Kong apartment. Bruce died when he was just 32 years old and his son Brandon when he was just 28. They were obviously on different sets at different times, but it just seems bizarre.

Three Men and a Baby

There have been stories of a little boy in the window behind Ted Danson about an hour into the movie. It was also rumored that a boy may have killed himself in the house where they were filming, but according to Snopes.com, they filmed indoor scenes on a studio set in Toronto- not an actual residence. They claim that what appears to be this ghost was actually a cardboard cut out of Ted Danson behind the curtain that the props workers forgot to take off the set.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

In 2005 actress Jennifer Carpenter, playing Emily Rose, was haunted in the middle of the night on a few occasions when her stereo kept turning on. She said it was playing only part of a Pearl Jam song over and over, "I'm still alive"!

The Amityville Horror (2005)

One month before filming, the real life George Lutz, played by Ryan Reynolds, died mysteriously. A dead body washed up on the shore at the house a few weeks later, right before they started shooting the movie. Evidently, it was a fisherman. Ryan Reynolds claims that he was actually waking up every night at the same time as he did in the movie.

My Ghostly Experience...

I had a ghostly experience in South Carolina. I was staying there for about 4 days and attending a wedding on the weekend. I stayed at my friend's grandmother's house. I needed to use the bathroom connected to her bedroom because the other one was occupied. On my way out, I noticed that she had at least 50 lipsticks displayed on her bureau. Who wouldn't take a peek? I opened one of them to see what color it would be when, all of a sudden, there was a huge bang on her closet door. I placed the lipstick back in its place and stupidly apologized for touching it!

The next night, we were getting ready for a poker game, so I eagerly dashed to the bedroom to grab the cards from my suitcase. I stopped dead in my tracks before exiting the room as I noticed a silhouette of a man in the reflection of the glass covering a landscape painting. I said, "Don't scare me- I see you hiding around the corner!" There was no response. My eyes were locked on the silhouette as I waited for my friend to pop out and scare me. Then I hear him and his grandmother talking in the kitchen. I dropped the cards and ran into the kitchen to tell them what I saw. Grandma decided to let us in on a little secret. Evidently, her brother who passed away years ago likes to pay a visit every so often- right where I saw his form in the reflection! I slept on an inflatable bed in the living room for the next two nights.

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