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There is plenty of talk of how haunted Hollywood really may be. The Biography Channel on Dish Network is now covering the show Celebrity Ghost Stories on which celebrities tell their tales of horror. Much of this haunting takes place in Hollywood. Perhaps these show biz ghosts are stuck between worlds and are having a hard time leaving all the glamour behind! There are many hotels that the stars considered to be a second home and many of these are thought to be haunted.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
This hotel must have been amazing back in the day because no one seems to want to leave it- even after they have passed away! This hotel is infamous for being haunted with Hollywood ghosts. Montgomery Clift stayed at the hotel in the 20's while working on From Here to Eternity. Evidently, if you decide you take room 928, you may see him practicing his lines or playing his bugle. He has pat guests on the shoulders and is known to bring about a cool breeze and strong presence. Marilyn Monroe fans may choose room 246 since it was where she often stayed. Monroe has been seen in the hotel gazing into her mirror that is mounted in the lobby.

Ricky Gervais, comedian in the movie Ghost Town, made this statement about taking publicity shots for the film at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, "We wanted the junkets at the Roosevelt because of its ghostly reputation. But we got so much more than we bargained for. A photo shoot we prepared was wrecked and two runners say they saw the figure of a lady in the full-length mirror." His production assistant stayed in a room that was haunted and described it as "freezing cold on the hottest day of the year. He said he woke up with someone whistling in his ear, even though he was alone, then heard a giggle before being pushed out of bed."

Knickerbocker Hotel
This hotel was another favorite of Monroe's where she would meet secretly with Joe Dimaggio. Valentino was a regular at the hotel as was Elvis who stayed in Suite 1016. Ceiling fans have been thrown across the room, other objects have moved for no apparent reason, lights turn on and off and Marilyn has been seen in the ladies room!

Georgian Hotel
This hotel was a speakeasy during the times of prohibition and many visitors report hearing strange noises and sighs when they are alone. There are more accounts of noises than apparitions.

Celebrity Quotes:

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown." - H. P. Lovecraft

"No ghost was every seen by two pair of eyes." - Thomas Carlyle, historian (1795-1881)

"I have always been intrigued by the other side and ghosts. I am a fan of the Ghost Whisperer after all."- Brad Pitt

"She's a cool ghost. Maybe being nude all the time is why we get along."- Matthew McConaughey about the ghost in his house he calls "Madame Blue".

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