Hartstrings Coupon Codes to Shop for a Friend's Kids across the Globe

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I recently got in touch with my primary school best friend through Facebook. It's amazing how the Internet has offered such great opportunity for people to communicate better and even for long lost friends to find each other. Social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Friendster have also done wonders in bridging distance gaps among people and making virtually everyone you know searchable and accessible.

That's exactly what happened with me and my childhood best friend Julie. I was really surprised when I logged in to my Facebook account (which I regularly do everyday to check on the status of my friends and also to keep them updated on how I'm feeling or what I'm doing for the day) and saw that I got a private message from someone who was not yet in my Facebook friends' list but whose name was notably familiar.

I immediately opened the private message and was thrilled that it was really from Julie, who said she saw my name and picture on one of her contacts' friends' list and wondered if it was really me. Julie and I lost touch after our fifth grade when her whole family moved to New York. Because the Internet was not yet prevalent at that time, we easily lost touch with each other. But that's not to say that I didn't miss her. I remember crying every night then because I had lost my "best friend in the whole world" and my parents had to regularly take me to amusement parks to cheer me up.

So you can just imagine what a pleasant surprise Julie's Facebook message to me was. I added her to my friends' list and we exchanged Skype info, and since then we've been chatting and updating each other with what went on with our lives since we got separated. Our online communication not only bridged the distance between us, it also merged the time gap that separated us. Now, Julie and I feel like we've never been separated. We know so much about each other now as if we'd lived our lives together through all those years.

Julie is now married and lives in Singapore with her husband and twin daughters. Often during our online chat, Julie shares with me the pictures and videos of her adorable four-year-old twins. Sometimes she shows them in her webcam and they amazingly sing and dance to me as if they really knew me. They are so cute and lovable, and they absolutely captivated me.

Julie's twins have endeared themselves to me and I really want to give them something as a token of my appreciation. I'm thinking of giving them identical dresses, which I'm sure Julie's going to make them wear the next time they perform for me in front of the webcam.

I still have some Hartstrings coupon codes with me which I originally intended to use to buy my daughter some new summer dresses. But I already found a couple of cool summer dresses for her when we went shopping last week, so I just decided to keep the Hartstrings promotional codes to get discounts on my future purchases.

And it's fortunate that I did keep the Hartstrings promo codes because they're perfect for my planned gifts to Julie's twins since Harstrings.com is an online shop for children's clothes that ships internationally. There will be no problem in having my chosen clothes shipped right to Julie's doorstep in Singapore.

I just have to ask Julie for her daughters' dress sizes and her exact mailing address in Singapore and my identical dresses for her twins will soon be on their way.

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