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Stupefy was just the beginning of the spells we encountered. Calling up a radial menu, we could switch among six different spell attacks on the fly. Each spell has been tailored to fill a different role in our magical arsenal, though these roles aren't always what you might expect. Expelliarmus, for example, is a charged shot that takes a minute to fire and hits like a shotgun blast, but it doesn't actually disarm your opponent. Confringo is more like a rocket launcher that explodes with impressive area damage; it not only fires slowly, but Harry also has to take to a knee in order to cast it. This forces you to step out of cover and make yourself vulnerable, lest you suicidally blast the low barrier in front of you (a lesson we learned firsthand). Harry can also cast crucio, which--far from being the horrific unforgivable curse you know and fear--fires rapidly in the manner of a submachine gun. These interpretations may seem strange, but they did create a good amount of variety from an action standpoint.

Harry's repertoire also involves spells that don't directly damage his enemies. Confundo temporarily turns an enemy against his cohorts, and Harry casts this one much like you would fire a sniper rifle in another game, complete with a zoomed-in point of view. Leviosa (the wingardium part snipped for the sake of brevity, apparently) allows you to lift objects to create cover for yourself and then throw those objects to knock down enemies. This spell, along with confringo, came in handy in removing obstacles, while another spell, four points, created a darting blue light that charted Harry's course through the industrial grounds.

After using stupefy and crucio to deal with the first few rounds of snatchers, we confringoed our way through a barrier and entered a large building. Expelliarmus helped clear out the first room, but as we climbed to a balcony, four Death Eaters appeared in the open area below. While they aren't as quick as snatchers, Death Eaters pack a much more powerful punch and take a lot more damage. Four-on-one odds are very dangerous, even for The Boy Who Lived, but a quick confundo spell evened things out long enough for us to lob a few confringos into the fray. Big magical explosions took out most of the fiends, and we mopped up with a crucio barrage.

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