Hardly Scary - The Haunting in Connecticut

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Horror movies go well with young audiences. ‘The Haunting in Connecticut' is a recently released one that has surprised everyone with its large collections in the first few days.


Based on true life incidents, the story is about a family that relocates to a place which was originally a mortuary. The story revolves around Matt, superbly portrayed by Kyle Gallner, who comes to his new home, just because he needs to live close to his therapy clinic. Strange happenings which are initially misunderstood as stress, because of Matt's medications, seem real and horrifying later. Matt takes the help of Minister Nicholas who uncovers the reasons behind these supernatural events. Why the house is haunted and how the problem is solved forms the remaining part of the story.


The movie is completely based on violent and supernatural events that occur in the house. Virginia Madsen as the traumatized mother Sara and *** as Nicholas are perfectly cast for their roles. It's a visual treat for the kids and most of them can be found screaming their heads off in the theater.


While the acting part has been well etched out, it is the special effects that are below expected standards. The background score was scary enough, but the on-screen visuals don't blend well enough with the music. While Matt and Sara are realistic characters, the younger siblings and their reactions are a little contrived. Above all, the audiences can guess the character's next move, making it another usual horror movie minus the thriller that was promised.

Though the story line is interesting it has not been brought out effectively on to the screens. Those who can't make it to the theaters and have missed other recent releases need not panic. You can always watch new movies online at the comfort of your home. Save this one for a late Saturday night along with friends.

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