Hard anodized cookware review

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I have heard a lot about hard anodized cookware, friends recommended me to purchase this tableware, but I could not decide to do it. Once visiting hardanodizedcookware.com site I read a review and decided to buy one set of hard anodized cookware. When this tableware set was finally delivered to me I was just delighted by it. Now I want to share the impression about this set.

I ordered only 10 objects from a set, it is 6 pans and 4 covers, and nevertheless the box that I got was very heavy. When I unpacked each object from a set, which were perfectly packed I could not believe what wonderful quality they were. 8 inch frying pan weighed as much as my 8 inch spider which I had. If you have never bought a set of tableware before, you should know that weight it is a sign of quality.

First that I cooked with my hard anodized cookware was quesadilla. I added there too much cheese and a little got on a pan, I started cooking. To do an experiment more difficult, after cooking I did not wash tableware all day long. As a result I could clear the cheese with a simple sponge. This showed me that my set of hard anodized cookware has remarkable non-stick coverage.

Pans look great. Hard anodized is dark gray and matches anything. The handles of pan remain cool even at the moment of cooking. Now you can not hide your tableware in closets, but to show it easily.

I paid $200 for a set of 10 objects, delivery is included in this sum. Now for many people $200 could seem too much, but as hard anodized cookware is durable and its lifelong guarantee is given, I think the cost is reasonable.

My grade is 10 from 10. I recommend hard anodized cookware as a remarkable device for food cooking.

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