Happenings in Computer Science 2.0

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It is no doubt that the bachelorís degree in Computer Science is one of the most sought after in India atleast. And the reasons should be obvious to you.
Can you make a guess? If you havenít guessed already then let me try to help you out.

The world is going digital and things are literally changing at the speed of thought. With this rapid pace, the world has also got smaller and smaller (read: intricately connected). Most of the recent graduates want to work in plush offices in the comfort of air-conditions and glitzy work environment. Another reason is the opportunity to move up the career and money ladder rather quickly which isnít still possible in other branches still. Moreover, India is the back office of the world where it caters to the world by providing all imaginable kinds of software development, maintenance and other online services. And guess what Ė all of this requires one to have great competence in computer skills. I must mention that these bits are still ages ago. Nowadays, entire gamut of product development till marketing and sales is done online. eCommerce has evolved in such a great way that the degree in Computer Science is no more just about the computers itself but these days it includes several innovative study modules and one of them which I can clearly recall is ĎeCommerceí and the big part of this new game is Search Engine Optimization. If you have no clue about this ghost called SEO then itís mostly about making your webpage rank as high as possible in the Google search. And no! The websites donít just appear at the top or at a particular order in the Google search result. Thereís huge amount of logic and science which goes behind it and those are the interesting bits which are explored in the modules in 21st century courses in Computer Science. Apart from this, another innovative addition in this old branch is Artificial Intelligence (AI), Biocomputation (trying to figure out the emotion inside the human brain with the help of computers) and technologies for eCommerce, medical computing etc.

Let me caution you about something here though. These glamorous and glitzy courses are indeed the trend today but only a handful of institutions in India have been able to adapt and incorporate these latest trends into their curriculum. I have visited all over India and seen tens and hundreds of colleges and I can count the number of colleges or institutions who have taken the bold step towards the future. It is very important that you research very well about the institution, ranking, caliber of its faculty members and its curriculum in detail. This will give you a fair amount of idea about the course for which you will make an investment of your time and money. Also, donít ever rule out the importance of actually visiting the college / institution and having a word with students and faculty members. Nothing can ever substitute that.

My recent visit to Nashik has allowed me to foray into the world of engineering schools where I happened to visit top engineering colleges in Nashik which is redefining engineering education for once and all. With international quality infrastructure, international student body, top-notch industry experts in the faculty wing and high level of industry-institute interactions, guest lecturers from eminent industrialists making the engineering education a truly global affair. In order to get into the best engineering program in Maharashtra and other states too, a solid preparation right from subconscious level to your physical being. This will totally help you in finding you place at best engineering school in Maharashtra and indeed at best engineering program.

I can safely conclude that like other places in the country, Nashik indeed has great options for aspiring engineering students. I encourage prospective students to become very active in doing the research which should ideally include the type of college, teacher-student ratio, curriculum, availability of internships, extra-curricular activities, guest lectures and other events organized by the college as with the new business era at the doorstep, things have dramatically changed and hence studentís approach towards the whole admission to education process needs to be changed.


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