Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus

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Everything About Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is the character on TV and in the movies played by the popular musician Miley . On the show Cyrus plays a teenager who is living a double life as a rock star on the hit cable TV show.

Hannah Montana

The show centers around a ordinary girl named Miley Stewart (played by Miley Cyrus herself), who lives a double life as an normal teenager attending school during the day and a famous pop singer, at night, while hiding her actual identity from the public. The only ones who really know the truth are her close friends and family. However, to everyone else, Miley is just your ordinaryteenager going to school during the day, but at night, Hannah Montana, the famous version of herself, comes out. Miley just moved from Tennessee and now has to adapt to life in Malibu. Miley's character lives in a house by the beach with her father Robby who is played by Miley's real life father Billy Ray Cyrus, along with Miley's older brother. The series follows Miley as she lives her life, both as a hit pop star and a normal girl, wherever that may take her. Whether Miley is facing a typical problem of youth, or Hannah is going on tour, the Hannah Montana show is action packed.

Miley's Music

Miley Cyrus is froma family with roots in country music. Her father is popular singer Billy Ray Cyrus and her godmother is the hit singer Dolly Parton. Cyrus' records become very popular and sell tons of copies. The first couple CDs that she put out were under the Hannah Montana brand name and were popular due to the wide popularity of the Hannah Montana series. Now, however Miley's music is released under her own name and her records still are very popular. This just goes to show how talented young Cyrus is.

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Hi my name is Jenny Brown and I am a huge Miley Cyrus fan! She is the best singer and also the best actor in the world! I just LOVE MILEY!!!
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