Hand Trucks - Lightweight Vs Heavy Duty

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Hand Trucks were invented to make life easier on everyone. You can increase productivity which will save you money. Not all hand carts are created equal and choosing the correct one is very important. In this article we will discuss the light weight versus the heavy duty and the uses for each.

Light weight hand trucks are generally made from aluminum. Aluminum has some excellent qualities that make a perfect material for construction. First, it is light weight. This makes lifting it a snap. Aluminum is strong but ti also has limits. Hand carts made from aluminum are not as strong have much lighter load capacities. This alone can help you choose heavy duty or light weight. Aluminum is also the cheapest of the choices which makes it more affordable.

Hand trucks made from magnesium are the lightest of the bunch. They are quite a bit lighter than aluminum. This makes them very easy to maneuver. Magnesium hand carts are a great choice for delivery drivers that need to lift the cart in out of their vehicle on a regular basis.

Heavy duty hand trucks are made from steel. Steel is the strongest metal but with it's strength comes weight and some steel hand carts are very heavy. These stronger carts have much larger load limits which makes them an excellent choice form moving loads over six hundred pounds. Some steel hand carts are not made from solid steel but instead they are crafted from hollow steel pipes. This is a great compromise because you still have the strength of steel but some of the weight is gone.

So now that you know the pros and the cons of the light weight and heavy duty carts you can make the correct decision when purchasing Hand Trucks.

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